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  • Jeremy O Jeremy O May 31, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    Alan Craig

    Coming off the DL tomorrow which means I need to make a move today in order to play him. I have absolutely no idea who to drop and it HAS to be a hitter. My pitching staff is not droppable at the moment as I have the bare minimum of players needed to compete.

    My lineup is...

    C - Napoli (TX)
    1B - Votto (CIN)
    2B - Zobrist (TAM)
    3B - Wright (NYM)
    SS - Jeter (NYY)
    OF - Upton (ARI)
    OF - Stanton (MIA)
    OF - Bruce (CIN)
    DH - Monteo (SEA)

    BN - Aviles (BOS)
    BN - Quentin (SD)
    DL - Craig

    I know Aviles is probably the worst but his 2B/3B/SS eligibility is ridiculous for when I need to cover off days for my primary starters. Craig will probably play 2B for me as soon as he comes back because Zobrist is struggling at the plate but at the same time is far from droppable so he will ride the BN for now until I figure something out.

    That leaves Quentin and Montero. Quentin would probably be the weakest link out of the two but I would like to ride his hot streak as long as I can as he has been tremendous right out of the gate.

    This is literally the biggest mind fuck ever.

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    • I wholeheartedly agree with you about Aviles.

      I like Quentin, and I think he is a great bench player to have on any fantasy team. You're not going to get anyone off waivers as good as him if you get a run of injuries on outfielders... he may not hit well for average and Petco isn't a great place for home runs, but he's still a good option for .260 and above average power and very good RBI production.

      As far as I'm concerned, your best choice is Montero... I'm a fan of carrying two catchers, because there's frequent times for catchers to get days off, but I believe if you add a catcher down the line you can get a guy who can come close to Montero's production from waivers.... besides you're not going to be using a bench catcher for every day production, so you don't need a stud there anyways.

      I still wouldn't mind seeing your staff, just for the sake of arguing your options there, even if you're set on dropping a bat.

    • quentin

    • zobrist sucks, petco makes no diff to quentin and he's healthy and hot.. bruce is slumping, you trade his ass if you need to.. i bet you zobrist clears waivers, he blows

    • id drop quentin

    • I have the same problem but I am going to give him a couple of games to see how he comes back. My replacement, Pagan, has been playing very good!!! May just set on him until another one of my players go on the DL.

    • You answered your question. Quentin or Montero, are obvious choices. Who do you think has more trade value in your league?

      Personally, if I weren't considering what they might be worth to someone else, I'd drop Montero. He offers very little as a DH and you have Napoli who plays almost every day and is durable. He might have trade cache, though, if there is someone who needs a catcher.

      Quentin is not going to offer a whole lot either, but he's a streaky hitter and he's on a tear right out of the gate. You could wait a few more days and try to move him to a manager that thinks he can keep it up if you don't think there is a market for Montero.

    • You're thinking is correct. It's down to Zobrist/Montero / Aviles/Quentin. I'd drop Montero since you already have a starting C and he has the least potential to complement your other guys (you need to keep guys like Zobrist and Aviles because you are really lacking speed)

      • 1 Reply to Aaron W
      • I would say good bye to Quentin.

        Your OF is pretty damn good and you have no real need for him, plus Petco and that line up will kill his numbers sooner or later.

        I honestly would shop Montero around to someone who needs a catcher... the kid can flat out hit, even in Seattle, only a matter of time before he starts putting it all together. (I would actually shop Napoli and look to move Montero into the catcher role)

    • drop quentin. No way he keeps this up playing at Petco

    • You didn't explore any trades? I think montero can be replaced but so could quentin...montero is only the backup catcher..I probably would have packaged him a while ago


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