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  • Cody Cody May 31, 2012 8:16 AM Flag

    Are you F'ing Kidding?

    Anyone else feel like everyone on their team is held together by elmers glue and spit?

    Look at my Injury list haha, anyone else this bad off at the moment?

    Tulowitzki - DTD (DL stint likely)
    Markakis - DTD
    De Aza - DTD
    Longoria - DL15
    Carlos Santana - DL7
    A. Craig - DL15
    Austin Jackson - DL15
    Darvish - DTD

    I realize a few of these guys SHOULD be back this weekend but man this is getting ridiculous haha. I was making a run at 1st in my league after being in 4-5th for awhile and now 70% of my beasts are hurt.

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    • I feel ya.... my bullpen was wrecked when both Steet and Santos went down and it looks like Santos is going to have some extended time on the DL. It's painful to rely on guys like Dale Thayer.

      Having Ellsbury out has been rough too, and for a while I was scrambling with Youk on the DL. Fortunately Santana shouldn't be out long, as I have him too.

      I'm not so stressed. Other than my bullpen I was good to get some bench guys with position flexibility, so I've been able to get adaquate production through all the injuries.

      The only fantasy owners who are hurting from injuries are people who have used too many roster spots to sit on some speculation picks that haven't panned out yet and don't have anyone viable to plug in when injuries happen.

    • I've got Kemp, Craig, Pedroia, De Aza, Storen, and Santos who are all banged up. I'm grateful that Craig is coming back just in time to make up for the likely loss of Pedroia, but who knows how long he'll last before he's back on the DL.

      I'm just glad my team is built to withstand stuff like this. Having Stanton and CarGo helps make up for the loss of Kemp, and late pickups like Trout, Trumbo, and Craig have helped my offense stay competitive.

    • I traded Pujols for Tulo. 2 days later he got hurt. I then traded Granderson and Nathan for Kemp. The trade was still in the vote process. I basically got screwed on that one and will still end up with Kemp. Lost 2 top 5 guys in about 10 minutes lastnight.

      Also have Bonifacio and Morse on the DL.

    • i feel your pain....with the addition of Ellsbury and luckily Markakis is only DTD since the xray was negative. Somehow, I manage to increase my 1st place lead to 20+ points. It helps when someone dropped C. Beltran early and I had a killing draft. My pitching staff is pretty makeshift, especially when after Gio, you rely on some SP's pitching way over there head at the moment.

      Good luck pal

    • I have had 12 people on the DL this year, Youkillis, along with Kemp, Sandoval, Quentin, Austin Jackson, Cespedes, Chris Carpenter, Jered Weaver, Justin Morneau, Sergio Santos, Michael Pineda and Mariano Rivera. Yeah so shut up; I'm still in first.

    • i've been complaining like a b*tch on these threads all week, mainly because Santana went down and I picked up Lucroy on Monday morning - by monday evening he was on the DL and THAT was the straw that broke the camels back - so to speak. pun intended

      here's my list of aggravation

      you start the season 0-15-1 - fair enough that is partly down to me but it gets worse

      you have Ryan Howard taking up one of the 2 DL spots
      you drop Aviles to pickup Craig - Craig goes on your DL and Aviles gets picked up in the meantime

      you pickup Laroche in the midst of his hot streak and the day he becomes eligible, he gets injured

      you pickup Reynolds as his replacement and the VERY SAME THING happens again

      the number 1 fantasy catcher supposedly - Santana - goes down injured- no problem, you pickup the hottest catcher in the game - Lucroy - guess what, he ALSO gets injured the day he becomes eligble to play for you

      Austin Jackson goes down injured

      Bret Lawrie gets a 4 game ban (not so bad)

      Fister goes down

      De Aza goes down

      Valverde goes down

      you lose another game week 0-14-1

      as a result every Monday, you have to use all your weekly adds to make up for injuries leaving you left stranded

    • My team, 12 team H2H league: 10x10 scoring inc. holds

      Drafted all these guys:

      Current: Kemp, Pedroia, Cespedes, Crawford, Farnsworth

      Earlier: Crain, Swisher, R. Zimmerman, Youkilis

      My 3 DL spots have been full the entire season, had to drop Farnsworth (3 times) and Crain as didn't have enough roster space to keep all the DTDs with the 3 DL spots full also.

      Been a constant juggle, should be fantasy circus rather than fantasy baseball.

    • Everybody has injuries..always the big name guys with the injuries too

    • I here ya, I got Ellsbury/Kemp/Weaver/Jackson/Lilly/Farnsworth all out.Killing me

    • Craig, Morse, Farnsworth (drop) , Longo, Markakis, C.Young (hate him since he came back), Tulo, Adam Jones (I dont know if is serious but he got hurt last night) and Carlos Ruiz is almost a DL... hahaha great

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