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  • Tid Tid May 31, 2012 10:49 AM Flag

    Are you F'ing Kidding?

    I feel ya.... my bullpen was wrecked when both Steet and Santos went down and it looks like Santos is going to have some extended time on the DL. It's painful to rely on guys like Dale Thayer.

    Having Ellsbury out has been rough too, and for a while I was scrambling with Youk on the DL. Fortunately Santana shouldn't be out long, as I have him too.

    I'm not so stressed. Other than my bullpen I was good to get some bench guys with position flexibility, so I've been able to get adaquate production through all the injuries.

    The only fantasy owners who are hurting from injuries are people who have used too many roster spots to sit on some speculation picks that haven't panned out yet and don't have anyone viable to plug in when injuries happen.


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