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  • AlexV AlexV May 28, 2012 6:04 PM Flag

    Was offered 2 best hitters in baseball

    That ladies and gentleman, is a major cojones deal. I can make a argument for both sides easy. I'd probably go Stanton side in this, but its a toss up. I applaud both owners in this deal lol

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    • Lol, I understand the whole wright and Hamilton are cooling off scenario but call me crazy agons power has dropped off and I know it's still early. I just don't think freese will be consistent and well Stanton is a beast but I think I think Hamilton and wright together can pick up that slack. I also think this helps me in avg and Obp which are 2 cats where I been losing at this year. Overall it's a scary trade, losing Stanton is my only fear.