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  • Andrew Andrew May 26, 2012 11:51 PM Flag


    Yeh the guy got straight shelled tonight...I kept waiting for it to stop but it never did...good thing I have my weekly matchup locked up already...
    But with concern to over rated or under rated, I have an opinion...I think Greinke is a great pitcher, he has crazy talent and can give you those games where he gives up two hits and 10 k's...however, he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder earlier in his career, and when you deal with something like that, it never truly goes away (rarely it does but it can come back to affect u at anytime). Strasburg was or is still dealing with the same thing. I'm a mental health counselor and know first hand how any type of mental illness can affect every aspect of you life, but especially a performance that requires such pinpoint precision and focus...When you have out of control anxiety, u can't focus, ur agitated, u dont wanna be around people and your adreneline is out of control;definitely not the best conditions to pitch in...if he is taking medicine for it sometimes there can be nasty side affects like fatigue, extreme relaxation, nasuea, etc. I'm just speculating obviously and have no clue if he is officially still dealing with this problem, but I know he was in the past and it is really the only thing I can think of the would explain the insane inconsistency he shows....one night he goes 8 innings, 2 over the minimum and 12 k's, and the next he can't get through more than 2 innings...it just makes no sense. So maybe he really is a good pitcher and is human and has issues...or maybe he just sucks sometimes haha who knows but it would explain a lot

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