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  • John John May 26, 2012 5:06 PM Flag

    Strasurg Cap

    Thing with Harper, though, is that their hand was forced due to all the injuries. I would bet that given the choice, they would have like to bring him up later in the season.

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    • Precisely, they got into a bind they didn't expect and they backed off their stance.

      With Stras, what happens if he just pitches a straight 160 but at that point they are 2 games up in the division or tied in the divison ect.

      They at that point would be put in a bind too, what will they do?

      Or say 30-40 games from now they are still where they are at, atop the division, do you say okay we gotta either hope to get through the playoffs and to them without him the last month, sit him some now or let him go over his 160.

      The possibility of them getting put in a tough situation with Strasburg is becoming very real now too.

      Although either way, I personall wouldn't deal Pablo for him regardless in regards to the other question here.