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  • WB WB May 25, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    Butler for Pablo ?

    i have billy butler whose been doing just great for me at 1b...my opponent this week has 4 on the DL (3 BN 1 DL) and pablo is one of them. i was thinking of proposing a 1 for 1.

    i see hes about 3 weeks away and being a Giants fan since birth i want him for that home team player. my other 1b option would be kendrys morales and posey (i don't have a back up catcher though...)

    currently in 1st of 12 so maybe i should just keep the team i got here with..womp womp

    opinions ?

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    • Are you trying to get all the SF Giants or are you trying to win...I'm a die hard Phillies fan and the only ones I have are Hamels & Ruiz (Ruiz a FA pick up because he's tearing the cover off the ball). So should I trade Miggy for Howard when he comes back? Umm...no.

    • pther then being a fan there is no reason to do the trade. They r both so much alike its a total push I think. Keeping Posey at catcher is a huge advantage every week. I would stand pat

    • Being a giants fan i know how it is lol i have pagan melky and pablo...butler is solid tho and posey is killing so dont give him up. Unless you need pablos 3rd base id stay put...for now.

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      • for a better perspective my lineup is like this

        3b-han ram
        of-bj upton
        of-adam jones

        sp-king felix
        rp-frank francisco
        rp- s. casilla
        p-kenley (dude from dodgers)
        p- pettite
        p- bud norris
        p- lowe
        p- capuano
        dL- mcCarthy

        again ,i do the heavy pitching staff style and so far im in 1st of 12 and 2nd place is 2.5 gms back ( who is my opponent this week that im 9-0 currently) and 3rd place is 8 gms back and so on and so forth

    • Butler is killing it so far and i feel that the power is here to stay, he has always hit for a high ave. Butler and Sandoval couldnt be more alike but for now Id hold onto Butler. However if u can get Posey Id do that. A catcher that puts up those kind of numbers will win u a few weeks during the season. Or did i misunderstand and u already have Posey?


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