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  • Glenn K Glenn K May 22, 2012 12:26 PM Flag

    Is Coco Crisped?

    I dropped him weeks ago when he went DL. No one, not surprised has picked up on him. I currently have Maybin, DeJesus, Pierre and Rios as my OF. Is it worth dropping one of my current OF or Barney to get Crisp? He had a shit ton of steals last year which with Maybin can get me very competitive in that stat ROS. What cha think?

    20 teams, H2H standard 6X6 18 keepers, currently 3 of 20

    Todays roster:

    aj ellis @ C
    tex @ 1 (Gosh what a disappointment BTW)
    zobrist @ 2
    aram (mil)@ 3
    jeter @ SS
    joey bats inf
    maybin/rios/dejesus/pierre of
    Barney util
    reynolds dl bn

    Happ (streamer spot)
    Williams (steamer spot)
    Carpenter dl

    Madson dl

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    • In a 20 team i dont see how he isnt owned yet..id drop one those guys..maybe dejesus or pierre. Even barney if you have back up already

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      • im actually not surprised he didnt get picked up while on the DL. He just came available yesterday. Alot of the teams have started dropping the 2nd and 3rd tier players that have landed on the DL to pick up a hot bat or arm. I dropped pierre and got crisp back, they say his inner ear problems are taken care of. Looking to really challenge for SB's now with both Crisp and Maybin but both need to get on base first. Thank you for taking the time for posting your Opinion.

        BTW hows the team look? I know there is alot of potential on this roster, just cant wait till starts firing

    • My regards for playing a 20 team league. If Crisp is healthy I think he's a better start than Pierre.

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      • Yea its been a humbling experience. When Darwin Barney is the cream of the 2B crop you know youve depleted the pool of opportunity. Very competitive league also, so I'm happy.

        Are you saying Piere due to the spot starts? he got hat around the time i picked him up for crisp, he has cooled off. Dyson (KCR) is also available, he seems interesting, fast young, in a keeper league he could be valuable later.


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