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  • Erik Erik May 19, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    Craig Drop for Dirks?

    Wait it out, I have Kemp, Longo and Craig now on my DL and I just think that he's good enough to hold on to.

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    • What do you do in a deep league where u have no bench hitters and Craig currently starting at CI and Austin Jax starting at of. Potential droppable guys are janssen and friedrich but don't wanna drop them as I see them having value. I've been. Trying to do a two for 1 w dolis even to clear a spot but having little success. I also have doumit but gonna drop him for torontos jp arcebia. I am in a league w weekly faab. Thanks

      Thinking of dropping janssen since he's gonna lose his job in two weeks or so

    • So is there anyone on my roster that is droppable for Dirks? I know hes hot and no one stays at that level forever.

      I actually hope that when these guys come back I can package something together and upgrade 3B, this where I feel I'm in the biggest need for a change ROS.
      Thx for responding your opinion is appreciated.

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      • I don't know what you will be able to get now, but I'd try selling Lynn. He's had 2 rough starts and he's back down to earth now. I was able to sell him for B.J Upton last week, but his value has considerably dropped since at that time he was 6-0, now he's 6-2 (still good but I don't see him carrying the numbers he has the rest of the year)


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