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  • M-v-P M-v-P May 17, 2012 10:57 PM Flag

    Is my team falling apart?!?

    I had a pretty fantastic start to this league, and I'd been in 1st place for 3 weeks, but now I lost 1-9 last week and right now I'm losing 2-8 this week... and the teams I've faced haven't even been that stacked.

    So does my team suck and can I make a run in the playoffs? I'm in a default H2H 5x5 12 teamer, here's my team:

    Jesus Montero
    Howie Kendrick
    Robinson Cano
    Adrian Beltre
    Starlin Castro
    Hunter Pence
    Curtis Granderson
    Cameron Maybin (Don't know what to do with him, need STLS)
    Brandon Phillips
    David Freese
    Alex Avila (I really want to trade him)
    Ryan Howard (DL, contemplating drop, he's taking up BN space)
    Michael Morse (DL spot)
    Gio Gonzalez
    Jason Hammel
    Brett Myers
    Santiago Casilla
    Yovani Gallardo
    Yu Darvish
    Lance Lynn
    Mat Latos
    Johnny Cueto
    Jake Peavy
    Daniel Hudson (DL but on BN)

    The only trade I've made this season was giving Pujols, Lohse, and Samardijza for Cano and Peavy. I'm not a Pujols believer when he's on the Angels..and i don't regret the trade.

    So thoughts on my team, and am I just slumping bad? And rank it if you want, thanks guys I need some help!
    I'd say STLS and Saves are my main weaknesses.

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    • You don't need 1B help at this point, not with Morse coming back in a couple weeks and Howard taking batting practice in PHI. To lose your trade power for a redundant position would not be good after waiting this long for a productive 1B. With that said, you have 3 guys on your teams that can play 2B. I consider Cano to be of a higher caliber than either Phillips or Kendrick, so if I were you I would try to offer an upgrade at 2B to somebody in your league. What you should ask for depends on what you need, and as I said, that's not 1B.

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      • Dude, awesome answer thank you! I hope Morse wasn't a "one hit wonder" last year, so you're right it looks like I have 1B covered.. And Kendrick can take Maybin's outfield spot. I'm being dumb.

        I was able to pick up Morse a long time ago, and draft Howard for my DL spot. Phillips and Kendrick are both on weak teams right now (less RBI, R, AVG), and everyone is expecting the Angels to rebound with their roster.. So yeah I'll deal Phillips or Kendrick soon, maybe Kendrick to someone who needs a versatile poision player. It's funny how Kendrick leads the Angels in BA with a pretty damn bad .259.

        So yea, I guess I could target a good Base Stealer, like Micheal Bourn, or just a good new hitter like Austin Jackson, Lahair. But like I said, I don't know if I should just give up on SB since I no longer have Maybin.

    • Alright, ok, you're right!
      And baseball monster usually reveals all, I forgot about it.

    • Flip either Cano or Phillips for an upgrade at 1st, possibly include Avila - Or just be patient and hope Howard comes back strong

    • Without being a dick what Mike P said is 100% correct-

      Theres been 6 matchups in the books, small sample size

      Its a good team, it will make the playoffs from there good luck

      Roto 5x5 next yr-

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      • Thank you JD!

        I don't know if I should give up on STLS, I think I will, since my only runners are really Maybin and Castro, and I've only won stls once so far. Although Castro can be a beast base stealer. I think I'll drop Maybin for someone like Dirks, Middlebrooks, not sure yet...

        Also, I've had this trade offered to me and I haven't clicked accept for a few days now, I've been stalling. Should I take the trade below?
        GIVE: Canó (2B), Castro (SS), Granderson(OF) ... FOR: Pedroia (2B), Tulo (SS), Teixera (1B).

        I could really use a 1B, even one with bronchial/respiratory problems.

    • You have way too much hitting depth, dude. You desperately need to try to package a combination of Phillips, Freese, and Avila for an upgrade at 1B.

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      • I don't really want to get rid of Phillips, since he seems healthy and should be both a power and speed guy, but he hasn't performed too well yet, on the subpar Reds! So maybe I should trade him.

        But dude, you're spot on, I focused on drafting hitters over pitchers, I really only drafted Gonzalez, Gallardo, and Guerra as pitchers, and it must've been sort of smart with this closer carousel going on.

        But yea, thank you Shawn! Maybe I can try to package Freese, Avila, and someone like Gallardo for a stud 1B, any opinions on who to target? Maybe Encarcion + someone, or Lahair + someone, or maybe just Cuddyer, Fielder, Konerko,or Freeman?

        I keep hoping that I'll either have Morse or Howard come soon to fill up that 1B, and Kendrick isn't that good. But Howard will take a while, maybe I could drop him for Middlebrooks, Dirks, etc.

        Thank you!!!

    • Welcome to H2H? It's a combination of streaky teams- yours and theirs.

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      • Why do people like to point out the obvious? You could at least give advice, and even if baseball is the streakiest sport of all sports when it comes to H2H, this is a little too much of a swing in the wrong direction. I just want to know if my team has a playoff future because I've tried to make it a damn strong team.

        So anyone out there, should I drop Ryan Howard, and should I completely give up on getting Stls and/or Saves?


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