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  • STUD STUD May 13, 2012 5:13 PM Flag

    Explain please?

    How does a guy in the 8 man league i joined have this lineup. Also, no trading has been done and hes just another random to join the league, His team

    SP- Kershaw, Halladay, CC, Hamels, Cain, Stras, Wilson, Gio, Beachy, Zimmerman, Anibal
    RP-Kimbrel, Motte, Nathan, Jensen, Johnson

    What happened? I do realize when it was drafted alot of the big guys were slumping and not producing but do guys ride that hard on that when drafting? Team is stacked

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    • That team is stacked that's unfair

    • This guy is beatable.

      He has 7 players that play OF only. As such, two of the guys are on his roster are totally useless. He can only play 5 OF on any given day (3 OF, 2 UTIL).

      Further, he has Bonifacio as his 3B, SS, and OF backup but Bonifacio is on the same team as Ramirez. Thus, they will have the same day off when the team doesn't play. As such, he will be without a SS several times a year.

      If this guy drops two of his OF only players and gets backups at C, 1B, 2B, 3B, and SS then everything becomes more difficult. As it stands now...in an 8 team league...he is still very beatable.

    • An existing 12 team keeper league that has been going on for '8 years', they used to keep 10, then 15 now it's 28/30. They roster 15 active batters/day, 28 cats to fill. 30 roster spots available.

      The commish comes on here every year looking for 'the best' replacement managers to take over the teams that can't keep managers since it's impossible to be competitive with the team I'll list below, let alone some others. As a general rule in situations like this, as a "replacement manager", you get the team given to you that's open. There are 5-6 stripped teams needing replacement managers almost yearly, it's kind of a joke.

      One team in this 12 team league:

      C- AJ Ellis
      1B- Pujols
      2B- Ackley
      3B- Longoria
      SS- Tulowitzki
      CI- LaHair
      MI- Rollins
      LF- Braun
      CF- Granderson
      Utilx3- Gardner, Middlebrooks, Walker, Murphy, Belt, Boujos

      SP-Halladay, Price, Hellickson, McCarthy, Samardjzia, Marshall , Valverde, Adams, Walden, Storen, Bauer

      Point is, never take over for an existing league's open team if you want a chance, you're very unlikely to be given much to work with. They're just looking for replacement suckers to keep the 5-6 circle jerker teams with competitive rosters active. Especially if keepers are pretty much the whole team, you won't be able to reload yours in the following year's draft since there mostly won't be anything to work with.

    • just leave..you will not beat this guy

    • if thats the real team... then you have no chance

    • It is H2H so i can waiver guys who are hot...would it be worth it to stick it out and try to beat the "miami heat" team lol

    • Yep! He's stacked. Don't know how that happened.

    • definitely a cheater probably the commish with two teams

    • look at the draft in the options and you can see how it happend.. probably other people just picked stupid players and was messing around..


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