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  • Rick Rick Apr 29, 2012 8:13 PM Flag

    What's wrong?

    Right now,i am 38-29-20 and 4th in the division out of 4teams.
    Is there any trades I should do or any reason my team is last place?
    8team H2H weekly keeper leauge(15keepers)
    my team
    C Miguel Montero
    1B Miggy
    2B Kinsler
    3B Beltre
    SS Reyes
    IF Konerko
    LF Holliday
    CF Victorino
    RF Beltran
    OF Either
    BEN Hart,freese,Hardy,Butler,carlos Lee
    SP King Feliz,Price,Zimmerman,Colby Lewis,Wandy
    RP Kimbrel,Rivera,Chris Perez
    P Balfour,Tim Hudson
    DL Carpenter,Cliff Lee,Storen
    THANK YOU!!!

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    • It's H2H, it's only 4 weeks in with the first week being 4 days.

      You can manage effectively and still be in last through 4/22 = 18% of the season. That's due to luck. H2H is very 'lucky' dependent.

      Luck doesn't have to do with how good your team does in a certain week, nor how good another team does in a certain week. You can properly manage to counter another team's strength(s) with whom you choose to actively roster that particular week, that's skill.

      Where 'luck' comes in is based on who you get stuck playing any particular week scheduled by the Yahoo software. Did you play the team that had a crazy good week the week you played them? If so, they would've had that week anyway, just you were unlucky it happened to be you scheduled with them that week.

      For example: the league leader in HRs in this 12 team H2H league I play in has hit 45 HRs up until today. He has had 47 hit against him. The next closest has hit 42 HRs, but has only had 27 hit against him (That's a 5HR/week more over a 4 week difference). And yes, they've played each other.

      Point is, things uncontrollable like that can be what is the difference between last place and not last place this early in. If you're managing correctly, don't worry about 'what's wrong' after barely 4 weeks in H2H. If life is fair, it should even out for you over a long season.

    • Thanks anyone else


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