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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 24, 2012 9:03 AM Flag

    Curtis Granderson for JD Martinez & Detwiler

    Grandy is a borderline 1st rounder. Detweiller pitching well but who is this guy. I own JD bice player but on Houston plus there is not that much pop there. Not many sb's. Grandy is a major upgrade for 2 droppable guys. What ruins leagues is trades like this. Why do u think the dude wants Grandy....Cuz he is selling high on the other 2 and he found a sucker.

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    • I don't disagree that this is a really good deal for the grandy side. Ruining the league is a bit of a stretch. My point is that you'd be vetoing just because you didn't find the sucker first....if you could make that deal wouldn't you have loved it?

      My opinion is that all trades should be allowed, unless there is obvious collusion. Why should you protect the fish from the sharks? Survival of the fittest! When a trade gets vetoed it just leaves a sour taste in the parites mouths who were involved in the trade, making it that much more likely they will veto future trades. Vetoing begets Vetoing. Let Free Trade Rule!

      There's my PSA for the day.

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      • I disagree. It does ruin leagues when trades like this go unchallenged. Protecting the fish from the shark? Maybe. But I think it's more about protecting the league as a whole.

        Pretend you're in the league in question- you're really okay with a guy getting a 1st/2nd round stud (and a free roster spot) for two bordeline FAs? Because you don't want to appear "jealous"? If so, count yourself among the fish, my friend...

      • Yeh, Vetoing is for pussies...if the league is important at all and you're playing with anyone with half a brain, they should be responsible for there own teams and not do stupid shit. Obviously, Granderson is way better than Martinez and Detweiler. Some people jump the gun after 14 or 15 games and try to extrapolate those stats for the rest of the season...If they are dumb and really want that trade them let them have it, if someone would do that try with me I would take it...maybe dude loves those two players for some reason, unless you can prove there is something messed up going on then let it be


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