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  • willis willis Apr 22, 2012 11:40 PM Flag

    Last post tonight!!!

    yea the potential for bryce harper is also super high too, would you trade an average outfielder for him? i see what youre saying but sometimes pure potential isnt enough when the current situation says not to do it. also i like marcum this year, think hes a little underrated

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    • The difference is that harper isn't even expected to make the major league roster this year - or make it very late. Chapman is tossing two hitless innings per appearance. Look at his K's. Look at the lack of walks. Even if he does nothing more this year than be the setup guy his ratios and K's will make him much more valuable that an average SP. My opinion anyway. Hey - I dropped the fucker when Madson went down to get Marshall. I may end up regretting that.

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      • go look at chapman's stats from the middle of july to the middle of august last year. and then look at how he finished the year. i dunno dude i just see too many parallels to that for now. also the upside for a setup guy is very limited at the beginning of the year if thats their role for the whole year. marcum still has good upside, maybe break out year? (i doubt it). and yea harper wasnt the greatest example but i think you get my argument


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