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    Ask Away

    Will give you my thoughts on trades or who to drop, etc.

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    • Do I trade Dan Haren for Jay Bruce? 12 team H2H league. W, L, K, Saves, ERA WHIP, Runs, Avg, HRs, RBI, Steals, OPS.

      I have:
      J. Upton
      Brennan Boesch
      Jeff Francouer
      Torii Hunter

      DL/Bench: Michael Morse, Daniel & David Murphy, Ian Desmond, Gaby Sanchez

      SPS: Grienke, Haren, Tommy Hanson, Beckett, Chris Sale, Danny Duffy, Brandon McCarthy

      RPS: F. Rodney, Santiago, Chris Perez, Brett Myers

    • My OF is
      J.Upton(ofcourse hes staying)
      also have

      who do i drop to bring BJ off the DL

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      • thoughts???

      • Maybin is stolen bases thats pretty much it. He wont hit many homers in San Diego. Ike Davis can hit once he gets going and Pena provides good power although will never hit for average. I give Pena the benefit of the doubt because he is back home in Tampa which may help with his power production off the bench. Trumbo can hit he just doesnt have a place to play right now and fumbled at 3b allready so hopefully he can DH unless Socsia wants to give him another chance there otherwise he may be platooning with Kendry Morales but dont know how that is gonna turn out just yet. I like JD Martinez and scooped him up where available in myother leagues and drafted him in most as a sleeper. He is off to a decent start so I would keep him and is batting 3rd in Houston. So first choice would be Maybin. D. Young should get plenty of RBI opportunities with Detroit and can hit .280 so is valuable on your bench and worth keeping for down the road. Remember he was playing at Target Field in Minn and you cant hit homers there so he could hit 20-25 in Detroit where the fences are a little friendlier. Good luck.

    • need,,help..would,,trade,,votto,,for,,fielder??thnax

    • 6x6 10 team daily league. I'm not worried about the pitching because I prefer to move guys in and out to get the best match ups and it tends to work for me.

      In a 6x6 league

      C - Mauer
      1b - Edwin Encarnarcion
      2b - Ryan Roberts (tentatively agreed on trade for Rickie Weeks)
      3b - Emilio Bonafacio
      SS - Starlin Castro
      IF - Cozart
      OF - Giancarlo Stanton
      OF - Carlos Gonzalez
      OF - Matt Kemp (fell to my lap in the draft)
      OF - Adam Jones
      OF - Josh Willingham

      P - Grienke
      P - Aroldis Chapman (for K's and low whip, era...so far)
      P - Balfour
      SP - Stephen Strasburg
      SP - Jordan Zimmerman
      SP - Josh Johnson
      RP - Heath Bell (tentatively trading for Weeks)
      RP - Axford
      Bench - Vance Worley (this is my revolving door position, usually him, Holland, Marrow, Loesch, whoever has the best match up that day.

      I know I could move an OF to help out in other places but I cant decide who or for who. Any ideas?

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      • Well the only thing you will be short on saves with only one closer. Aroldis Chapman could end up being Cincinnati's closer if he can keep it going but that remains to be seen as they are talking about putting him back in the rotation too. The only outfielder I see as trade bait would be Willingham for another pitcher or topshelf closer if you can get one since he is hot right now. He is the one of those five who will cool off eventually. Holland is looking good so far and should get wins with Texas. Stanton should get going with the power soon I would think although Miami is a hard place to his it out they are saying. Good luck

      • Alex Gordon and Freddie Freeman are both struggling..who do you feel has a better chance of turning the season around, and will have a better year..

        Alex Gordon
        Freddie Freeman

    • One more:

      what SP do you think I could get for paul konerko and brandon mccarthy? or what about just konerko

      some notable guys on teams looking for a 1B:

      team 1: gallardo, haren, beckett

      team 2: wainwright, price, hamels

      he doesnt have to be from those teams but my pitching is my week spot and i have votto at 1B, id move dustin ackley into my INF slot (my full team is on my previous post if you want/need it)


      should i dump votto for a solid pitcher and a solid hitter


    • I guy in my league agreed to trade me zobrist for matt harrison and mike aviles. Will it get vetoed?

    • Would you rather Braun/Phillips or Cano/Choo

      the team with braun can only keep 4 players and already has Bautista, Pujols, J.Upton, S.Castro...So Braun would be traded for draft picks if Cano isnt gotten

    • Who will have the best season out of these guys and why?

      Ian Desmond
      Rafael Furcal
      Zack Cozart
      Erick Aybar

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      • If Aybar can bat for avg say .280 and stay at the top of the Angels lineup versus the bottom I would give him the nod and he will steal 25 bases and score 90-100 runs. Cozart shows promise if he can stay healthy and has some pop in his bat so I would like to rate him 2nd. Desmond is doing what he did last year. Starts out hot and then goes into a funk and bat .200 down the stretch but maybe he can keep it going who is to say. I would have to go with Aybar on your list though................good luck.

    • any advice or thoughts on my teams?

      team 1:
      c mccann
      1b votto
      2b m young
      3b lawrie
      ss castro
      inf konerko
      of kemp
      of melky
      of choo
      of reimold
      util ike davis
      bn aviles
      bn ackley
      bn chris young (DL)

      sp: holland, romero, zito, drabek, mccarthy, sale, alvarez, hudson (DL)
      rp: chapman, cishek, putz, santiago
      DL: fister, farnsworth

      team 2:
      c wieters
      1b miggy
      2b pedroia
      3b prado
      ss gordon
      mi aviles
      ci gamel
      of kemp
      of holliday
      of jd martinez
      of juan rivera
      of nyjer morgan
      util parra
      bn mesoraco
      bn pastornicky
      bn rizzo
      DL morse
      DL vmart

      sp: greinke, peavy, delgado, buehrle, lohse, smyly, leake, alvarez, lynn
      rp: chapman, thornton, capps, balfour, papelbon
      DL: fister

      both leagues 12 team h2h leagues, 6x6 catagories (OPS + HLD + standard 5x5)

      league 1: non keeper
      league 2: keeper


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      • Fister had a setback so dont know when he will be back may be sometime in May now. Like your two setup guys and see you watch the waiver wire pretty close with Cishek, Reimbold and Lynn on team 2. VMart is toast to the best of my knowledge so you can dump him off your team as soon as somebody is DL eligible so you arent wasting a roster spot on team 2. Stick with Henderson Alvarez he may have a couple of rough outings but give him a good chance on your team. Shows uncanny control and stuff for being so young. I actually drafted him in the late rounds in a couple of my leagues as a 5th or 6th starter. Pitching might be a little weak with team 1 but you have a good blend of power and speed on offense so just keep an eye out for another starter maybe. Team 2 is pretty strong and you should fare well in that league from what I see. You've done well for 12 teams leagues. Good luck with them Domination.

    • who would u rather have crisp or shafer?

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