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  • Tanner Tanner Apr 19, 2012 5:11 PM Flag

    Ask Away

    6x6 10 team daily league. I'm not worried about the pitching because I prefer to move guys in and out to get the best match ups and it tends to work for me.

    In a 6x6 league

    C - Mauer
    1b - Edwin Encarnarcion
    2b - Ryan Roberts (tentatively agreed on trade for Rickie Weeks)
    3b - Emilio Bonafacio
    SS - Starlin Castro
    IF - Cozart
    OF - Giancarlo Stanton
    OF - Carlos Gonzalez
    OF - Matt Kemp (fell to my lap in the draft)
    OF - Adam Jones
    OF - Josh Willingham

    P - Grienke
    P - Aroldis Chapman (for K's and low whip, era...so far)
    P - Balfour
    SP - Stephen Strasburg
    SP - Jordan Zimmerman
    SP - Josh Johnson
    RP - Heath Bell (tentatively trading for Weeks)
    RP - Axford
    Bench - Vance Worley (this is my revolving door position, usually him, Holland, Marrow, Loesch, whoever has the best match up that day.

    I know I could move an OF to help out in other places but I cant decide who or for who. Any ideas?

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    • Well the only thing you will be short on saves with only one closer. Aroldis Chapman could end up being Cincinnati's closer if he can keep it going but that remains to be seen as they are talking about putting him back in the rotation too. The only outfielder I see as trade bait would be Willingham for another pitcher or topshelf closer if you can get one since he is hot right now. He is the one of those five who will cool off eventually. Holland is looking good so far and should get wins with Texas. Stanton should get going with the power soon I would think although Miami is a hard place to his it out they are saying. Good luck

    • Alex Gordon and Freddie Freeman are both struggling..who do you feel has a better chance of turning the season around, and will have a better year..

      Alex Gordon
      Freddie Freeman


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