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  • Wayne Wayne Apr 18, 2012 6:00 PM Flag

    Ivan Nova for Cespedes!!

    I get Ivan Nova and Edwin Jackson I give Cespedes and Jake Peavy who wins??

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    • i agree he could prolly could get more than nova for cespedes but i dnt think cespedes is anything special at all.. And i was simply saying u can make a case that nova isnt garbage...maybe not great but u could do worse in my opinion far worse

    • pineda also isnt gonna have the saftety of pitching at safeco this year to bail him out which means era is gonna go up even more. Right field in yankee stadium is a launching pad

    • I simply think cespedes can get better than nova he should wait til he hits three home runs in a week again so ppl buy in and sell him for better

    • we are talking this season. pineda and nova have the same run support. that is now the debate. so that being said. pitching for the same lineup. pineda has the better stuff. and Ks so he is clearly better

    • i play h2h and roto yes.. and i nvr said nova was a great pitcher i just simply said he was not garbage..also if u are playing the whole strikeout difference making a big difference in roto then the wins would make a difference to ya know..in roto every category is very valuable

    • pineda may be a k pitcher and may have more upside but fact of that matter is he aint doing a dang thing for any fantasy team this year so far and his draft price like i said was moderately high...while right now nova sits 2-0 with 15ks which is obviously a improvement so far in the albeit early season...but his era right now isnt so hot i agree there

    • 76 Ks in roto is a big deal. do you only play h2h? because yea 76 is huge. pineda now will get plenty of wins on the yankees. he was on the MARINERS last season you cant possibly think that was a good argument. wins are the hardest to predict. hell daniel hudson today pitcher 7.2 innings gave up two runs and got the loss, but he had no run support. that is a weak argument for your case of nova being good

    • so losing out on 76 strikeouts really means that much to u? when he got 7 more wins than pineda did... it kinda balances out. And on draft day u can get pineda for nuthing compared to drafting pineda moderately high this year like everyone did...hows that working out??? And also the whole 76 strikeout gap really doesnt make that big a difference if u have a better rest of your pitching staff to make up for it

    • michael pineda is a K pitcher for one. compared to a right handed randy johnson by some experts. also. his first half of the season was much better as he faltered towards the end as a rookie. if he can get stronger and consistent his era will be much lower than 3.7 we cant say the same for nova this is the best he will be

    • its not terrible..u could do alot worse than a 3.7 era... you were prolly one of those players coming into this season who was all on michael pinedas dick when all he did was go 9-10 last year with a (3.74) Era...i bet you wasnt saying he was garbage

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