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  • JQ JQ Apr 17, 2012 7:45 PM Flag

    Lincecum trade

    I receive Timmy, I give up J Heyward and J Zimmermann. Keeper league.

    3 years left on all players before we have to throw back. Timmy has a penalty of a 3rd round pick next year. Heyward a 9th round Zimmerman a 12th round.

    Should I do it?

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    • Honestly, I wouldn't do so. Tim's fastballs have been decreasing in velocity over the years. In addition, the San Francisco Giants (personally) aren't a run supporting team for him.

      On the other hand, Braves have a similar lineup. The key to my reason to not trade would be with Jordan Zimmerman. He is coming back from Tommy John and has pitched a stellar season last year. He is also part of the Nationals, a growing team with each year to come. Plus, Zimmerman is pretty young.

    • Yes, Tim will get better, Heyward is a platoon player and Zimmerman is only an average SP