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  • titansrst titansrst Apr 9, 2012 11:15 PM Flag

    I hate when...

    Even if this is the case a simple mouse click to reject it shows courtesy. There are hundreds of jerks in these leagues, not because they play the game poorly, but because they have no class. You are really fortunate if you find a group of managers that really care to do more than handle their mouse without dealing with his or her competitors. Even a little trash talk can be fun, but to many, trash talk means profanity laced insults. I am cimmis of a league and was chided by one fellow, who is a serious player, for trying to keep everyone happy by suggesting a change or two to make things fairer. i read horror stories abour sone cheating commissioners.

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    • "Even if this is the case a simple mouse click to reject it shows courtesy. "

      In response to Jeff's post.

      I find it discourteous to have my time wasted with an absurd trade offer. If you are dealing with an idiot trying to offer 3 bench players for a 1st round draft pick (extreme) or the offer still having no chance of being a reasonable offer, you either need to say something "discourteous", or just be "discourteous" this way. Either way you don't have to deal with the 'idiot' again because hopefully they'll be so put off they won't waste your time in the future.


      Pull the trade down once you know they've seen it. If you don't know, but it's been up a day, pull it down (make sure their players aren't hurt) and put it back up. You keep spamming them they'll need to respond one way or the other. Or make a trade they can't refuse, recall the old adage about supply and demand.

      If they have what you want, be willing to pay for it.


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