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  • Erik Erik Apr 8, 2012 8:32 PM Flag

    Pick one, drop one please

    Who do you think will be most productive that I should pick up off the waiver: Alex Rios, Edwin Encarnacion, Zack Cozart, Ryan Roberts

    Who should I drop? Billingsley, Santiago, Derek Holland

    10m roto, 1925 innings, currently stacked at SP and RP and only have Boesch on my bench (decent lineup with Kemp, Longo, Kinsler, Rollins, Hardy, Goldschmidt, Y. Molina, Eric Hosmer, Bourn and Werth)

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    • I'd stand pat.

      Billingsley isn't a sexy pick, but he'll be decent for you. He's certainly better than the waiver options. Holland is a guy with some serious upside and I wouldn't panic on him yet. Santiago is a closer with a lot of upside, and you'll likely be able to trade him for guys better than your four waiver wire options once he's got some saves under his belt.

      Rios isn't going to contribute a lot to your team... I don't expect his stats to be too much different than the last two years.... marginally productive and only worthwhile if you have a serious hole.

      Ryan Roberts is 31 years old... a journeyman who isn't likely to improve on his performance last year. He'll contribute some, and I like his position flexibility. I'd take him for my roster if I want a match up substitution guy, but I wouldn't expect him to be an every day player on my team.

      Zach Cozart is interesting... he definitely has some upside, but it's very rare to find a rookie who isn't hot and cold all season. Rookies can be some of the most frustrating guys to have on your roster. That doesn't mean he can't help your team, but you have to be very patient with them. The last rookie to go gangbusters all season long that I can remember would be Pujols when he was a rookie.

      I'd put Cozart on my watch list and if he keeps stringing together good performances I'd snag him, but if someone else snags him, I won't sweat it.

      Also, if your team is as deep at pitching as you say it is, then you have the option later in the season to fill a hole in your lineup by trading from your strength. While drafting well and picking up guys with upside early helps a lot, leagues are won by filling holes as the season goes along.

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      • Tid, awesome post, I really appreciate it. I actually pulled the trigger and picked up Cozart and kept Billingsley, Santiago, and Holland, and I actually dumped Worley who I didn't name. He had a good outing, and Philly's offense is good but he was pulled after only 74 pitches, which I suspect will be common all season. I may have made a bad move, but there are plenty of other pitchers on the waiver in case I need someone down the line. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped me out.

    • I really like Cozart and I'd drop Holland. Bills might be getting ready to put in a big year!

    • E5, underrated

    • I like Cozart and have been thinking about picking him up in my league. I think Ryan Roberts would be a safer selection but Cozart has great potential and is in the number 2 spot in a nasty order if I am not mistaken. If I'm dropping I'm going Holland bc he is inconsistent to me and in AL. Billings is also inconsistent but how can you drop a guy after that first performance!

    • Bumpppp, answer mine and let me know if you have a post and I'll answer yours.


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