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  • Statchen Statchen Apr 6, 2012 12:03 PM Flag

    Keeper Trade- Stanton for Granderson

    Who would you rather have in a keeper league??

    Stanton or Granderson

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    • I also have Stanton, so I think you mean don't do it...another factor in this trade has to be injury prone status though. Stanton has already had numerous knee problems, not good for a young guy.

    • A 40 HR a year player? No MLB player has ever been a 40 HR a year player. Not Pujols, not Ruth, not Bonds, not Aaron. Seriously...are you this fucking stupid? 40 HR in a season is rare and 50 HR in a season practically never happens. If you are banking on any player to hit 40 HR in a season then you are suffering from impaired logic and mathematical reasoning.

    • I was thanking you man, jesus. I'm not tryin to argue, just said I appreciate the advice because it is a money league. That's all...Granderson also completely changed his swing, which is something a lot of people aren't factoring in. He could be in line for another big 3-4 years in that line-up

    • And again, its not like you're trading Grandy for Trout, where you won't see anything from him at all THIS year. Stanton WILL produce so its not like you are throwing your 100 dollars away at all this year.

      Quite frankly I wouldnt trade you Stanton if you were offering me Grandy.

    • Not saying it is a fun league, not sure what that has to do with my statement. Never said Stanton would get close to 136 runs, or beat him in that cat. If you think Granderson is going to score 136 runs again, you're smoking.

      You are looking at grandersons Outlier season last year, he won't hit 41 HR, he wont score 136 runs, nor will he hit as many RBI. If you look at it in a cat by cat comparison, Stanton is better and younger. in the past 3 years Grandys average is .252, Stanton is better. Granderson always hovers at 155ish looking at history trends. Stanton has 135 in an injury year where he lost out on like 2 weeks if not more. Pretty close to a tie. I think you should do it, and don't listen to Dick.

    • Its not 10 years from now, Stanton will out perform Grandy as early as next year, and in HR and RBI this year. Be a homer this time, seriously.

    • Yea I have been leaning towards declining it. No max on years players can be kept of anything. We just keep 8 every year. I wasn't even thinking of trading Stanton but when I look at Grandyman's stats from last year it makes it hard to not consider. Also my team is very young already, good but young. I have Carlos Santana, Lawrie, Hosmer, Cargo, Kershaw, Lincicum and Votto. So I can let one young stud go for some experience if I want. I think I will keep Giancarlo though, thanks for the input fellas.

    • Granderson will match Stanton in AVG and RBIs and come close to him in HRs over the next few years, while significantly outproducing him in runs and SBs.

      Granderson is the easy choice.

    • Granderson easily.

    • Seems I'm going against the grain here... in a sleeper, I'll take Stanton. He's on the wrong side of 30, he's got massive power, and in a great lineup. The only thing Grandy has over Stanton would be the SB - those extra 20 or so SB are nice. But Stanton should only improve, and we've seen Grandy's ceiling... and I don't see him hitting 40+ HR again, New Yankee Stadium or not. (Thought I got him on a couple of my teams, so I wouldn't mind him doing so! lol)

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