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  • Jon E Jon E Apr 6, 2012 12:11 PM Flag

    Keeper Trade- Stanton for Granderson

    hmmmm, I think that might be the most idiotic thing I have heard. How do you know he will rarely play more than 130 games? He's been here a year and half. He played 150 last year. All reports are that his knee is fine.

    I say Stanton if the keeper league doesn't have a maximum amount of times you can keep a guy. He's only 22, grandy's 31.
    Grandy has never hit more than 75 RBI's except last year, never hit more than 24 hrs, except last year and 2009 (in which he hit 30). He will have his decline right when Stanton is having his peak.

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    • Stanton in a keeper. He's 22 and Grandy is 31. Enough said.

    • Stanton's peak is the same as it he is playing now. He makes lousy contact and he has not footspeed. His BA will never improve and he will never steal a significant amount of bases. He bats 4th for a good lineup so his run and RBI totals will never be higher.

      Age is inconsequential to this discussion. It is all about performance. Granderson will best Stanton in SB every season. Granderson should equal or better Stanton in BA every season. Granderson will score more runs than Stanton as long as he bats in the top half of any MLB lineup. Granderson will best Stanton in RBIs as long as he is hitting in the top half of the Yankees lineup. Bottom line? Granderson contributes more and in more categories.

      Remember, Skippy...you build a team to win TODAY...not 10 years from now. As long as Granderson is playing Major League Baseball and an active MLB starter...you take him over Stanton every day of the week.


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