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  • Roor Roor Apr 5, 2012 1:28 AM Flag

    Rate my Roto team 5 by 5 settings

    12 team league Roto 5 by 5

    C Montero
    1b Pujols
    2b Young, Michael
    SS Aybar
    3B - Aramis Rameriz
    OF - Bruce, Ichiro, Adam Jones
    Utility - Billy Butler and Jesus Montero
    Bench - Lorenzo Cain and David Murphy
    SP - Cliff Lee, Josh Johnson, Matt Moore, Doug Fister, Vance Worley, Cory Luebke
    RP - Sean Marshall, Henry Rodriguez, Grant Balfour, Brett Myers

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    • You would take Goldschmidt or David over Butler? I'm done here, you're an idiot.

    • Ichiro is 38, not mid 30's, and he's in a new role this year. There is plenty of reason to think he won't produce like he has in the past.

      Young's season last year was significantly better than his average numbers over the 5 years before that, so yes I do think he'll regress.

      And I said Aram will produce when he's healthy. But he's missed 130+ games over the last 3 seasons. Whose your backup? What if he hits .240 like he did two years ago?

      There are right players and wrong players to predict for a breakout. Butler and Jones don't make sense compared to the other guys taken at the same time because they simply don't have that high end potential. You could have gotten someone like Davis or Goldschmidt instead of Butler, so it's at least someone with a shot at 30 HR. You could have picked any number of OF who are actually trending up in their primes. If you look at his slash line compared from the year before Jones was exactly the same player with a better spot in the lineup and a little more luck. 49 xbh and .442 SLG up to 53 and .466 is an insignificant change.

    • hahaha, so because I don't like your players I must like the Yankees or Red Sox? That makes no sense. I happen to be a Yankees fan, although I've always made it a point to avoid Yankee players because they tend to be overrated.

      Adam Jones has aboslutely no potential. His slash line has been static his entire career. That power spike was more likely luck than anything else. He's one of the most overrated guys in fantasy because he has no chance to repeat those 25 HR. He might be blind hate.

      Jesus Montero does have a special bat. But he's a catcher in a pitcher's park. He has absolutely no chance between the grind of the position, the extra days off and the age. Now I love Montero for the future. But he's a bottom tier starting catcher this season, that's all.

      with Butler age is irrelevant. He's batted 3rd the majority of the last two seasons where he has two place setters directly in front of him. Now he'll get less plate appearances at 5th and the two young hitters in front of him had .339 and .308 OBP last season. Not a good spot for RBI.

      Montero is in the NL. He's ok but in the long run you are better with the AL catchers in the same tier like Avila and Wieters because they get more AB. If they try and give him 500 AB he's likely to break down, like he's done before. He's not in the top half of catchers in a 12 team league.

      Honestly I hate Gardner for fantasy. Desperately overrated. But here's the thing on Ichiro. First off while hitting third he'll be trying to get to the OF more rather than infield singles to knock bases in. Which means he's likely to be on first base less. Then from the three spot he'll get less plate appearances. Then he'll be running less because of which hitters are up while he's on base. And then you throw in the age factor. 40 is way too many to project.

      Honestly. As a Yankees fan. Ortiz is a great buy for the price. Don't own him. Tried to trade for him in my 20 team dynasty with 3 utility spots. But the guy wouldn't give him up.

      I haven't owned Jeter in a fantasy league since the 90's.

      You're building your team looking at each player's ceiling. You are supposed to project out their floor so when guys disappoint you aren't left screwed. You are going to have holes to fill in this team because you are looking at the best possibility instead of the most likely possibility.

      You really shouldn't ask for advice if you are just going to argue with people who point out holes in your team.

      I'm in no yearly leagues. Two 20 team h2H dynasties and a 14 team roto keeper. Although the offense from one of the 20 teamer's is better than yours as it's anchored by Cabrera, Braun and Longoria.

    • 7.5/10

      You severely lack speed
      Pitching is shaky all around as Lee is on the regression polices most wanted list, JJ is injury prone, Moore is a rookie and you only have 3 closers all of which were never closers before.

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      • Don't agree with Lee.

        While I don't expect his ratios to stay that low, he's had an ERA under 3 over a four year span. The 9.20 K/9 was higher than his recent numbers, but that's likely because of moving to the NL and getting K the pitcher twice a game. He had an 8.36 in his last go with Philly so it isn't crazy high or anything.

        I think it's pretty reasonable to expect something around 225 IP, 3.00 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 200 K.

    • I think I'm fine. It's just the fact you say literally every player on my team will be worse this year than they were last year. You base that on nothing.... These are 25-27 year olds entering the prime of their career and you're suggesting none of them will do as well or better as they have done before. As for my mid 30s players (Youung, Ichiro, Rameriz) you just wrote them all off as finished, hurt or for sure worse. I'm being fairly optimistic but you're being ridiculously pessimistic. I don't see anyway I can even improve my team at this point, I simply don't have the trading pieces anymore.

    • that numbers would be fantastic but have you seen Adam Jones career highs? They aren't close to those and his slash line has been steady for 4 years. It's a lot more likely those 25 HR were the outlier and he reverts then he builds on them.

      Butler couldn't knock in 100 hitting 3rd and 4th and he's moving down in the lineup now that Hosmer arrived. He's trending the wrong way.

      Montero isn't a top 3 catcher. He was rated the 5th best catcher last year, and that was the first time he's been above average in terms of a fantasy starter.

      Young is consistent, do you know what his 3 year average was for the seasons before last year? .295, 92 R, 18 HR, 80 RBI. Last year was the career year he won't repeat.

      And Aram is great when he's healthy, but he's averaged 45 missed games the last 3 years and that includes hitting .241 two years ago.

      Sure some of the guys you got were decent value picks. That's not the issue. The issue is that you have no stable core to rely past Pujols. The only player you've mentioned who you have realistic expectations for is Bruce. And even that's up in the air because it's all based on projection and not proven performance.

      The problem is that for your team to look like it's championship quality you basically need 4 of those 5 players you just mentioned to reach your unrealistic expectations, which I can tell you right now isn't going to happen. You have holes in offense you are going to need to fix to have any chance at winning that league.

    • Now I see, you must be a Red sox or Yankees fan.

      Why would Billy Butler having better hitters in front of him lower his RBI chances? Why would Moustakas bat over Butler? Butler had 95 RBI last yer and he's 25. WTF are you talking about?

      Miguel Montero had 86 RBI and near 500 AB. He's entering the prime of his career. Jesus Montero will be eligible for catcher soon and can take the other ABs.

      Young won't come close, yet he did it last year? Again, blind hate.... Jones simply won't come anywhere close? He may not get 100, but I'm expecting 90+. He had 85 RBI last year and is only 26, once again entering the prime of his career.

      I'm sorry that my SS isn't Derek Jeter and I don't have David Ortiz at utility. I traded Gardner for Ichiro basically, I bet you think that's a bad move. Gardner is a .250 hitter... Rameriz has played over 120 games in 7 of the last 8 years.

      Jesus Montero seems like a special hitter who could very well put himself in that Stanton category. I'm interested to know your terrific offense

    • I'm not relying on him. He was a like the 140th pick. I'm not sure why you're hating on my offense. You must not think much of Miguel Montero, Michael Young or Aramis Rameriz. Montero is a top 3 hitting catcher, Mike Young is as consistent as it gets, Rameriz loves hitting at Miller which is part of the reason he signed there not to mention coming off a silver slugger type year. I got him at 80th so I'm fine with that.

      Adam Jones gets no love. Maybe he's not a beast in real life because of his OBP skills but only average matters for my league. .300 25-30 HR 90-100 RBI is fantastic. Also, Billy Butler gets no love, another guy you can count on to hit .300 20 HR 100 RBI .... You must have slept on a lot of players on my roster, I'm not just saying this because they are on my team. I carefully picked everyone i have.

    • you mean 5x5? your team is amazing, best ive ever seen, a 10!

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      • I think he has a good team but cmon best you've ever seen.That's a bold statement.He's banking on a few things to go his way and if marshall and balfour pan out the whole year i think your team will be in contention without seeing the other teams though it is hard to tell but you have a good team.

    • is my team too slow?

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