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    I have Kipnis/Utley as my 2b.... would you trade kipnis and Stanton for Pedroia and Cuddyer?going by ADP you would say yes, but i am not sure. Kipnis had 7 hr and 5 sb in 130 abs last year, so over a full season i think 22-15 is doable? is the upgrade from kipnis to pedroia worth giving up stanton for cuddyer (who i also like this year)?....

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    • No. Keep Kipnis & Stanton. Too much upside GL

    • Someone actually offered you that?

    • If you have to ask this question you should probably give up playing fantasy baseball.

      All of last season there were only 7 players that were above the league average in all 5 standard scoring categories. 6 of those players were OF....the other one was Dustin Pedroia. The fact that you get Pedroia and the vastly underrated Michael Cuddyer (who will probably earn 3B eligibility during the season too) means that this is a great deal for anybody with common sense and logical reasoning that does not buy into hype.

      The fact that you haven't hit "accept" yet means that you have trouble deciding what to wear every morning and when your significant other is out of town and forgets to lay out your clothes...you don't leave the house.


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