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  • Tom Tom Apr 2, 2012 9:42 AM Flag

    Starlin Castro trade help

    Hey guys- I'd appreciate the help. My prospective trade partner is or deems himself strong in pitching, and I really only have one dominant pitcher in Cliff Lee. Think Castro is slightly overrated, but my partner loves him.

    Which of these do you like best for me?

    A) I trade Castro for Alexis Ramirez and Josh Johnson

    B) Castro for Jon Lester and Mike Aviles

    C) Castro and Yadier Molina for Josh Johnson and Mike Napoli.

    To explain my way of justifying each of these:

    A) I'd like to get a decent shortstop, as there really isn't much on waivers in my league. Johnson is always injured, yet year after year I draft him in hopes that he'll get it together for an entire season. After being out most of last year, his stock is down, but he seems healthy in spring training. Castro far outranks A. Ramirez or Josh Johnson... from a rankings point of view, anyway, so maybe he'd do it.

    B) Mike Aviles isn't even being drafted at a 50% clip, but I think he'll put up some decent numbers in the Sox lineup. Looks like the job is his, and he's been killing it in spring training. Of course my partner obviously must think the same, having drafted him, but still, he has two shortstops in front of him. Anyway, Castro for Lester is questionable, with Castro probably having a little more value, so I get the stud or near-stud starting pitcher I'm after, and a shortstop who's probably better than what there is on waivers.

    C) Castro = far higher value than Johnson, at least ostensibly. Napoli = higher value than Yadier Molina, to the extent that they offset...??

    Please help... sorry I wrote so much. I think I like trade A) the best for me.

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