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  • winbills winbills Mar 30, 2012 12:07 AM Flag

    what is the deal with the 1400 inning thing

    so lets say your 5th pitcher is liarano you dont wait to see if his good spring training numbers carry on to the regular season, you just plug him in right from the start of the season?

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    • You could definitely wait to see if he's for real. It's usually not to hard to reach a 1400 innings cap if you're an active manager. Hope this helps.

    • Everyone has a different strategy. I have told you mine. It has worked for me. If you try to pick and choose when and where to start your pitchers it will drive you crazy. You will bench one guy because he's pitching against the Yankees and he will shut them out and then you will start your worst pitcher against the Padres and they will shell him. I draft five NL pitchers - avoiding the DH and the AL east - and when it's their turn I use them. If I don't trust a guy enough to use him then I won't bother to roster him.


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