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  • Michael S Michael S Mar 27, 2012 10:57 AM Flag

    Rate my draft 1 - 10, Will Reply to your post in return

    Link you post and i'll reply!

    8 team league

    C M Napoli
    1B M Cabrera
    2B D Pedroia
    SS D Jeter
    3B B Lawrie
    OF M Morse
    OF A Gordon
    OF J Heyward
    UTIL A Ethier
    UTIL N Markakis
    Bench: Y Molina, M Prado, Y Escobar

    SP C Kershaw, J Wever, M Bumgarner, M Latos, B Beachy, V Worley

    RP J Axford, JJ Putz, J Motte, K Jansen

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    • 8 team league? hmmmm 6- 7? Not sure when you took Napoli, not saying he's a bad player but I think people paid too much for him. Jeter was on my DND list, too old and there are much better options at SS (Tulo, Castro, Reyes, JJ Hardy, Rollins). Prado and Escobar, markakis? Worley? For an 8 person league I expected a more all star team. Molina if taken late is a great pickup (he's my starting catcher, expecting big things from him this year after signing that nice fat contract) Lawrie Cabrera, Pedroia all good picks. Better hope Heyward has a good year, Ethier is OK. Guerra will most likely take closer spot for now for LAD. I'd drop Escobar or Prado and get another pitcher. Has to be better pitchers out there besides Worley in an 8 team league. Please answer mine - "Rate my team please..."

    • No speed whatsoever

      Your OF/UTIL/Bench are all weak for an 8 team league

    • I like your SP a lot, but the offense has some question marks, especially for an 8-team league.

      You are counting on an aging veteran (Jeter) at SS, a rookie with potential (Lawrie) at 3B, two one-hit wonders (Morse and Gordon) and an oft-injured post-hype sleeper (Heyward) in the OF. Ethier and Markakis are OK, but your bench isn't much after Prado.

      Your RP will be solid as long as Axford keeps it up and Putz can stay healthy.

      The team has potential, but everything has to break the right way this year for that to happen: Morse and Gordon have to play just like last year or better, Heyward has to justify the hype, Jeter has to shave some years off and Lawrie has to blow it up.

      That's a lot to count on happening at the same time in any league, much less an 8-teamer.

      Grade: 5.5 / 10

      Pitching is definitely your strength. I'd try to move Beachy or Latos (possibly with Molina or Escobar) for a an outfielder or a second-tier SS.

    • 8 teams only? I'd have to give this team a 5.

      After your 1st 4 picks of Miggy and Pedroia and Kershaw and the Weave you went downhill fast. Looks like you reached for Heyward and Lawrie and took a chance that Morse will replicate last year - im not so sure about this.

    • In an 8 team league. 4 at best.

    • 10. I like your infield and pitchers a lot. Good combination of power and speed. Jeter is not finished yet.

      Rate my team please.

    • 9...great lineup and good pitching staff. Relief pitching isn't the greatest, but is good enough. Please check out my league. Twinkie Town. Live draft tonight at 5pm. H2H. I need some more managers.


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