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  • ScottA ScottA Mar 24, 2012 3:05 PM Flag

    Who to take with 1st pick, Keeper

    I have a developing team with lots of youth, and little offense at this point. My 9 keepers were.

    Verlander, Greinke, Weaver, Moore, Wainwright
    Harper, Hosmer, Ackley, Trout.

    Unlimited innings pitched. Who do I then draft?

    Matt Cain
    Yu Darvish
    Carl Crawford
    Miguel Montero
    Jesus Montero
    Jason Werth
    Freddy Freeman
    Mike Moustakas

    My initial plan was Darvish, because of the potential. Cain is superb, but wont get wins, and K's lack just a little bit. I know I need bats, but I dont think any of these guys is worth as much as Darvish or Cain. I can easily lead the league in K's, W's, and contend for ERA, WHIP, putting me to middle of pack. Any suggestions on a player I havent thought about?

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    • Harper, Trout, Greinke, and Wainwright are not keepers.

      You need to draft/keep Jesus Montero, Cameron Maybin, Alex Presley, and/or Mike Moustakas. Those are your young keepers.

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      • 9 KEEPERS PER TEAM, 15 teams. Tell me, are any of them 4 players going to be in the top 135 in the next 3 years? Maybe they arent keepers for a league with 4 keepers each, but a deep league, they are. Maybe I should have kept Francour instead? NOT....

        Again, 2013 is the goal. I lost my desire in catchers after last season, so Jesus is hard for me to swallow, though tempting.

    • you had no other studs to keep? Harper isnt even starting the season. You need bats. Crawford, Werth (who should have a bounce back season) and then either of the Monteros.

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      • I had no "studs" on my team. I did trade away Castro last season. I traded ARod, but he lead to my obtaining Verlander. Other than my trade of Papelbon for Morales, I did pretty well.

        2nd place is first loser. Knowing that I have no chance for a title, I am building for the future. I know Harper is not starting the year in the Majors. I know there is no room on the Angels for Trout. I know Ackley will likely never be in the class of Pedroia or Cano. I know Pitching is more volatile than hitting. From where I was just a year ago, I have gone from a team that would struggle to a 13th place finish at best (finished last), to a team I believe can finish as high as 6th this season, I think I am progressing. If a player like Bubba Starling wasnt so far away from the majors, I would add him to my list early in this draft.

        I will start drafting my hitting with the 2nd round most likely, and draft young players that should develop in next couple years.

    • You already have plenty of pitching...so now you need some batters...so Crawford would be my pick

    • Think long, think wrong.
      You think too much. Let the draft come to you.

    • Why do you want so many pitchers? That's not good management.

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      • call it what you will, but going into last season, my keepers were horrible. Michael Young, and Brandon Phillips were my "Studs", so I decided to build for 2013. I made 8 trades during the season to to get what I have. Gotta start somewhere, and it is easiest to begin with Pitching, while waiting for young bats to develop. At least with my pitching staff, I will be in top 1/2 of the league. No chance of winning now, because the #1 team has Stanton and McCutchen as their #8 and #9 sucky keepers. All his players rank in top 30, and that is in a 15 team, 9 keeper league.

        I plan on trading heavily again this year, to build a team for next season. I basically started from scratch last year, and I think I am looking good, for coming from so far behind. I dont like keeping pitchers, but for this league, right now, it is my only way to compete. 2013-2014, look out.