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  • Mr.Smooth Mr.Smooth Mar 22, 2012 12:21 AM Flag

    Prince fielder trade help

    really?... I feel as bruce is alot better than Hunter, and Hamels is a ton better than Baker... Doesnt that offset the loss from prince to berkman?

    • Do you think Berkman can repeat his numbers now that Pujols is outta that lineup? He isnt sneaking up on anyone this year. I feel like Pence and Bruce are a wash, just depends which cats you need more and Baker is underrated. Of course Hamels is a better pitcher but he pitches once a week Fielder plays everyday hitting after Cabrera and Hunter is a 20/20 threat.

    • Jay Bruce is high risk, high reward but like Pence. Of course, Fielder is better then Lance. Cole is way better then Baker. I like the what you have better then what you are getting.


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