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    • Looking for some trade advice, as far as who I should use in a trade. I want to improve at 1B and OF. And I need to do some free agent pick ups once waivers clear tomorrow. Don't plan to keep Perez and Doumit. Any advice on who I should trade and who I should go after?

      C - Alex Avila
      1B - Edwin Encarnacion
      2B - Robinson Cano
      3B - Evan Longoria
      SS - Elvis Andrus
      OF - Alex Gordon
      OF - Cameron Maybin
      OF - Austin Jackson
      Util - Dee Gordon
      Util - Alfonso Soriano
      BN - Mitch Moreland
      BN - Jose Altuve
      BN - Salvador Perez
      BN - Ryan Doumit

      SP - Jared Weaver
      SP - Matt Cain
      CP - Joel Hanrahan
      CP - Jordan Walden
      P - Jon Lester
      P - Yovani Gallardo
      P - Ubaldo Jimenez
      P - Tyler Clippard
      BN - Ryan Dempster

    • Out of these 4, which 2 would you pick for this year AND next?

      Hosmer 1B, CI
      Napoli C, 1B, CI
      Jennings OF
      Morse 1B, CI, OF

      Already keeping Braun, Cargo, Halladay, and Lee. 7x7 Roto plus OBP & TB'S

    • 18th pick in a 20 team dynasty league.

      Who's my pick?

      I like Stanton if he makes it that far. If not, then probably Starlin Castro.

    • Drafting 7th in a 9 Team 5x5 Roto Nonkeep league...I'm thinking of taking Agonz at 7...Who would you follow up with??

    • what would you do with this rebuild I took over?

      20 team H2H, holds and OPS added

      C Ryan Doumit
      1b Mark Teixeira
      2b Dustin Ackley
      3b Chipper Jones
      ss Stephen Drew
      if Danny Valencia
      lf Nolan Reimold
      cf Drew Stubbs
      rf Emilio Bonifacio
      of Dexter Fowler
      utl Travis Hafner
      bench Anthony Rendon, Starlin Marte, Will Middlebrooks, Wil Myers

      SP CJ Wilson, Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill, Erik Bedard, Ivan Nova, Tommy Milone, Alfredo Aceves
      RP Joel Hanrahan, Houston Street, Kevin Gregg, Jon Broxton, Tyler Clippard, Al Alburquerque

      • 1 Reply to Tom
      • I actually like your pitching staff for a 20 team league. You may be a little low on holds with Broxton likely taking over as closer. Maybe deal Broxton for a holds guy. You've got a good one in Clippard.

        I'd have to look to move Chipper and maybe another piece to upgrade a little at third. You can't afford to have Chipper in a H2H lineup. Even when he's healthy he still may rest a game or two a week.

    • 20 Team Head-To-Head Dynasty, let me know your thoughts. Who wins and by how much?

      Side A receives:
      Jason Bartlett
      Dan Haren

      Side B receives:
      Brett Gardener
      Shaun Marcum
      Chris Carpenter

      • 1 Reply to Brian
      • That's tough given that Carpenter had a set back in his recovery and is set to start the year on the DL. If he was healthy it would easily be side B. I'd give the small nod to side A because of the health of Carpenter. Though I hate Bartlett. Haren is the best player in the deal so when it's close otherwise I usually opt for the best player.

    • pedroia and haren for miguel cabrera?

      which side wins

      • 1 Reply to bballboy5
      • That's tough for me because I'm usually all about offense. I use upper tier pitchers to trade for upper tier hitters so in this case I'd probably lean toward Miggy. I tend to stream pitchers a good bit so I'm not big on owning a lot of top pitchers. It's a strategy a lot of people aren't comfortable with but I think I'd take Miggy. Especially with third base eligible.

        Who do you have at second (if you're giving up Pedroia)

    • In my yearly 5x5 10 team roto non-keeper I always make sure My batters are stacked and am avg at pitching. Any advice to help me out? These are my pitchers that I have right now:

      C.J. Wilson
      Josh Johnson

      I'm thinking of dropping some of my batters to pick up Pestano,Reed ,Dotel, Myers or robertson? Any advice to stay in first at the end of the season and not lose because of the innings Cap? It seems like the last week or so of the season, my pitchers are frozen and I drop from 1st to 3rd every year. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

      • 1 Reply to hivoltage3
      • I love that pitching staff if your batters are stacked. I'm never dropping a hitter to add a pitcher. That's just how I work. I always want the best offensive team possible because you can spot start or find relievers like Johnny Venters, Eric OF or Tyler Clippard that can keep your innings down and provide solid strike outs and whip and era help. I'd have to know who you were considering dropping but none of those you mentioned make me warm and fuzzy.

        As far as the innings cap, like I said maybe work in a few relievers to keep innings down and you may can pick up a cheap win or two and solid measurables for other cats. Also use Batter vs Pitcher stats. If a certain team or park gives one of your pitchers trouble, don't be afraid to bench him. Then you can load up at the end of the year if needed.

    • 10 team H2H Keeper League. Who should I ask for for Bautista? The guy has the following players that I am interested in: Morse, Wright, McCutchen, Stubbs, Choo, Weaver, Cain, Strasburg. Wright would replace Bautista at 3B. All others would help my team.

      • 1 Reply to Cory J
      • I don't think I'd do Bautista for any two of those guys. I don't like giving up hitting for pitching and I just don't trust Wright at third base. The Mets are beyond horrible and he's an injury risk. If you're dead set on it I guess I'd go Bautista and some lower level guy on your team for Wright, Morse and McCutchen.

        I'd start with that and work your way down. The worst mistake you can make is underselling on a top 5 pick.

    • What do you expect from Pettite this year. I assume is innings will only be @140 but pitching for the Yankees I assume he is good for 12-14 wins if he is anything like his old self.

      • 1 Reply to BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP Co.
      • I wouldn't count on him winning 12-14. For one thing he needs to prove he can at least make the team first. This is probably a bad sign for Hughes who will be left out.

        I'd expect somewhere around 8-10 wins with about a 4-4.3 ERA. He has to pitch in ST and extended spring training for about six weeks so he's going to miss a month I think.

        Don't draft him and if you do make it late late late. 1 dollar in an acution in AL only.

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