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  • nunya nunya Mar 16, 2012 10:39 PM Flag

    why autodraft?

    i gotta know...what is the point in doing an autodraft? i would never do that. half the fun is during the draft building your team as you see fit.

    please someone explain the reason for doing an autodraft league

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    • I honestly don't mean to be contrary here. Truly. I sincerely do not understand the argument. I do understand autodrafting if you can't make it, I can understand autodrafting if you are new and don't know the players that well and I understand it if you have a lot of leagues and just want to screw around with one to see what you can do with it. This is what I don't understand and would love for someone to explain to me: Assuming you are near your computer, you have a clue and you are trying to do well in your league: How is it EVER an advantage for you to let the computer make your selection instead of doing it yourself?

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      • @Scott. I understand your curiosity but for me personally (not assuming others' reasons) is that I never said it was an advantage. I also never said that auto drafts are better than live drafts. I enjoy live drafts for sure more than auto drafts - I'm not debating that. I would also likely choose to live draft a league that I really want to win the most, if I can make it of course.

        However, my posts are highlighting different reasons that people may choose the autodraft It's not necessarily to find the best way all the time but something different to challenge yourself. If you are confident in your abilities and want to see how well you can do under different circumstances, possibly more difficult if you are autodrafting in a live league, then by all mean all the power to you.

        I want to win every league I join, but it's not the end of the world if I don't. And sometimes I like to try something different to test my managing abilities. Not knowing who I will get is one challenge. Trying to pre-rank well is another challenge.

        Others value the live draft as the best part of the season and would never consider the auto draft. Fair enough.

      • i know i know!!! *hits buzzer* what is, you're mentally retarded?

    • And contrary to some of the "guru" opinions of this board-

      The person who can win using both live and auto drafting is by far the superior manager.

    • one reason would be to take the emotion out of the draft - sometimes (often?) you'll even end up with a better roster - particularly if you're not that familiar with the ins and outs of fantasy baseball yet...

    • If you want to play in a specific league, but have to work at the time of the draft, then you use the auto.
      No biggie.

      As for a total auto-draft league, they can be fun. Like playing poker. Play the hand you're dealt. Best manager wins the league.

    • Reasons:
      - You don't have time to attend a draft, or more than x amount
      - You live outside North America and the live draft times don't suit
      - You like the different challenge of managing a squad of not your own choosing
      - You like the different challenge of building a competitive team by considering the computer's formula
      - You like the different challenge of trying to outsmart your fellow auto managers. Even live ones, but that is more difficult

      Sure, I prefer live drafts but there are legitimate reasons to choose an auto drafts. I feel a lot of people make ignorant assumptions of the type of managers that decide on an auto draft. One is that those who choose auto drafts 'prefer' them over live drafts. They may still prefer live, but as mentioned above, have a good reason not to participate in one.

      I've joined a 20 team league that will be drafting live but I will be auto drafting. I chose it for a different challenge, and willing to post my squad next week for scrutiny.

    • i do both and i dont see anything wrong with either one...both formats require a plan...In autodraft you have to be able to trade and be quick on the FA pool.

    • I've asked that question quite a few times and got some very unusual answers. I can't think of a single reason to autodraft if you have any clue at all as to what you are doing.

    • if you don't want to spend time taking part in a real draft? by the way. do you think you'd like to join my league??

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      We draft live sunday at 7:30 PM EST
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      Hope to see you there : D



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