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  • Joe Joe Mar 14, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    Is it just me or is this a bad offer?

    I was offered the following trade in a h2h league:

    I would give up: Robinson Cano, Justin Upton, and Tim Lincecum.

    I would get: Hunter Pence, Paul Konerko, Dustin Pedroia, Carl Crawford, and Jeremy Hellickson.

    What do you think of this?

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    • Press reject

    • I don`t see why you would want to do this??? to what gain Crawford and his bad wrist? everyone`s hot on Pence when all his numbers came from Houston and the homer dome which he hasnt hit over 25 in so thats not going to change in Philly both are hitters parks and he has`nt stole over 10 bases in the last 2 seasons

    • I don't like that trade at all for you. You downgrade from cano to pedroia. downgrade from Justin to Pence. huge downgrade from Timmy to Hells. Crawford is still hurting and with the wrist surgery you have to wonder what affect that will have on his ability to drive the ball. Konerko doesn't come close to making up all those downgrades to me.

    • Here is his roster, maybe this well help:

      Yadier Molina, Michael Young, Dustin Pedroia, David Freese, Troy Tulowitski, Curtin Granderson, HUnter Pence, Carl Crawford, Paul Konerko, Ichiro Suzuki, Alexei Ramirez, Ryan howard, Andre Ethier, Kendrys Morales

      P-Ubaldo Jiminez, Jeremy Hellickson, Ivan Nova, Vance Worley, Doug Fister, Jair Jurjens, Johan Santana, Erik Bedard, Ricky Nolasco, Jokim Soria, Jose Valverde

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      • For the 2 guys you're giving up you should be getting top $ in return and I dont think youre getting it. Youre getting Pedroia who is nowhere near the fantasy level player that Cano is, i dont care how good of a 2011 he had, Cano is in his own league at 2B. Crawford was overrated to begin with and now he has been exposed and is an injury risk. Konerko i cant really say anything bad about because he is a consistent 25-40hr a year guy for most of his career, but that has got to slow down soon you would think, especially with the terrible Sox team he is on teams will have to pitch around him. Pence is good but he isnt great. when he was with houston he was a good #3OF on your team, now he's with the Phils and ppl think he is a #1. Hes a #2 at best.

        I would be asking for Tulo, Granderson, and Michael Young to match the guys youre giving up.

      • Based on his roster what do you guys think I should be asking for in return for Cano, J Upton, and Lincecum.

    • i dunno, i would be more hesitant about it. I think you could do better. Cano=Pedroia or close enough that its irrelevent Pence/Crawfrod>Upton Lincecum> Konerko/Hellickson. Not a fan of Hellickson an i see Konkerko regressing for a 36 year old. Especially with what is hitting around him.

    • Pedroia and Cano nearly equal. Lincecum for Pence nearly even. The question then becomes Konerko and Crawford for Upton. Konerko could be awesome or he could start to show age, and be average. Crawford could become old self and be great. However that is a big IF. Hellickson, could become star, or just be good, with low K;s? Really, he isnt much in this trade. No matter how I read it, it is close, but giving up the potential of 25/25 in Upton would be touch this early year.

    • a lot depends on what two players you'd drop if you accept the trade

    • not bad at all.. I would probably think about doing that trade... ask for a different SP though..

      that is a LOT of GREAT players for just 3 stars...


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