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  • Jeff Jeff Mar 19, 2012 11:26 PM Flag

    Votto or Bautista?

    anyone else

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    • In a keeper league, I have to go with Votto because of the high average and very good peripherals (ISO, walk rate, declining K rate, significant HR potential, good park)..

      But based on some of the comments, Bautista is still underrated, which blows my mind. I debated which CI to add in early May of 2010 - Joey Bats or Troy Glaus. Joey Bats or Troy Glaus ... debated. Thought about it.

      Added Glaus. Watched Bautista get hot. Still a FA. Waited a little more. Lined up the "Drop" Glaus, "Add" Bautista .... then wavered.

      Bautista hit 2 HR's in the middle of May, and I said, "Darn it, should have added him." Went to add him ...

      Too late. Gone as a free agent. Had to trade a lot of value in 2011 to get him (in OBP league)..

      I presume you get just one keeper, since otherwise you keep both.

      One keeper? That is just cruel.


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