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    How does Yahoo handle players once you have selected your keepers in the league. Does it show a player list that all can see sans Keepers selected. We lock Mar 1 and draft Mar 26 so I'm just trying to figure out how to prep once 6 keepers are locked in for each team, can we see them, etc. First keeper draft. Thanks for any help...

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    • Yes you click the boxes. Your commish locks them. Then a teeny tiny black box with a teeny TEENY tiny white K inside appears next to your keepers and everyone else's on the Players List.

      Trouble is Yahoo does NOT remove them from your edit draft list area so you have to keep going back and forth between the Players List and the edit area to see if someone is taken to do a pre-draft edit.

      Now the draft (auto or live) knows to skip over the keepers cause your commish manually enters them into the draft rounds in advance. BUT it is a pain to plan/edit your strategy before the draft using the Edit Draft feature since it shows everyone there without the keepers marked for you

      It totally threw me the first time and I had to confirm with my commish that that was Yahoo Software at work and not some glitch where teh keepers didn't "take" properly.

    • i'm honestly not sure because in the past you had to tell the commish and he would do it manually...i believe this is the first year the you can just check off a box. i'd imagine it would have to show who's keeping who......i'd keep him for 1b


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