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  • ScottA ScottA Feb 26, 2012 1:40 PM Flag

    Keeping 4, Aging roster

    long term keeper league, and we carry over 4 each year. All was fine, until injnuries and age caught up. Who do you keep?

    McCutchen (Yes)
    Hosmer (Yes)

    Rollins (old)
    Utley (old-injured)
    Howard (injured)
    McCann (limited at bats)

    Bryce Harper (future stud?)
    Mike Trout (future stud?)
    Jesus Montero
    Michael Morse
    Dustin Ackley
    John Axford (league counts Hold, Loss, TB)

    McCutchen and Hosmer I have no doubts. I am leaning towards Harper and Utley. Still, how many elite years could Utley have in him? Long term, he could be a waste of roster spot.

    Last season, Utley, Rollins, Howard, McCann.

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    • With just 4 closers, no way you use a spot for Axford. Relief pitchers are not worth a pick in the first 4 rounds.

      is a great prospect, and I will be holding onto him in a keeper league - but I have 10 keepers. If I had 4 keepers, I do not protect him. It is not a dynasty league. If you don't protect him, will he be drafted in the 5th round? No.

      Same analysis with the other players. Trout is a great prospect - but not a 5th round guy. Ackley? Good player, not a 5th round talent.

      The guy most likely to be picked up is Montero - legitimate hitter, will be in the line-up, plays a premium position (will qualify at C soon into the year).

      I see this as Morse and Montero for that reason. You can then draft Harper or Trout or Ackley later.

      Much later, I suspect. 5th round players include guys like Konerko, Lawrie, Napoli, Bruce, Youklis, Gordon, Gallardo, Cain, Lester, etc.

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      • 5 pitchers, 2 relievers, 2 SP's. AND the league counts Holds, Losses, and Total bases allowed, thus increasing Axfords value. But I agree with the perspective on reliever.

        This team needs to "rebuild" if I am going to be be competitive for the next 5 years. Harper, Trout, or Montero would be good players to build on, but catchers are getting a little frustrating as I am starting to get a little gun shy.

    • I think harper will be a solid player but probable wont do anything until at least next season. I like morse tho, he's got good hr and rbi power on a rising nationals team that will compete probably next year.


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