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  • jesse jesse Feb 18, 2012 8:35 PM Flag

    just drafted, how do i improve my team

    Yadier Molina
    (StL - C) No new player Notes
    78% 145/475 55 14 65 4 .305
    Ike Davis
    (NYM - 1B) No new player Notes
    75% 39/129 20 7 25 0 .302
    Brandon Phillips
    (Cin - 2B) No new player Notes
    95% 183/610 94 18 82 14 .300
    Evan Longoria
    (TB - 3B) No new player Notes
    97% 118/483 78 31 99 3 .244
    Starlin Castro
    (ChC - SS) No new player Notes
    96% 207/674 91 10 66 22 .307
    Michael Bourn
    (Atl - OF) No new player Notes
    95% 193/656 94 2 50 61 .294
    Ryan Braun
    (Mil - OF) Player notes
    80% 187/563 109 33 111 33 .332
    Shin-Soo Choo
    (Cle - OF) No new player Notes
    88% 81/313 37 8 36 12 .259
    Logan Morrison
    (Mia - OF) No new player Notes
    79% 114/462 54 23 72 2 .247
    Cameron Maybin
    (SD - OF) Player notes
    76% 136/516 82 9 40 40 .264
    Grady Sizemore
    (Cle - OF) No new player Notes
    23% 60/268 34 10 32 0 .224
    Gaby Sánchez
    (Mia - 1B) No new player Notes
    21% 152/572 72 19 78 3 .266
    Ian Desmond
    (Was - SS) New player notes
    17% 148/584 65 8 49 25 .253


    Clayton Kershaw
    (LAD - SP) No new player Notes
    98% 233.1 21 0 248 2.28 0.98
    Cory Luebke
    (SD - SP,RP) No new player Notes
    83% 139.2 6 0 154 3.29 1.07
    Craig Kimbrel
    (Atl - RP) No new player Notes
    98% 77.0 4 46 127 2.10 1.04
    Matt Moore
    (TB - RP) No new player Notes
    84% 9.1 1 0 15 2.89 1.29
    Drew Storen
    (Was - RP) No new player Notes
    97% 75.1 6 43 74 2.75 1.02
    Neftali Feliz
    (Tex - RP) No new player Notes
    83% 62.1 2 32 54 2.74 1.16
    Joe Nathan
    (Tex - RP) No new player Notes
    84% 44.2 2 14 43 4.84 1.16
    Julio Teherán
    (Atl - SP) No new player Notes
    4% 19.2 1 0 10 5.03 1.47
    Edwin Jackson
    (Was - SP) No new player Notes
    53% 199.2 12 0 148 3.79 1.44
    Grant Balfour
    (Oak - RP) No new player Notes

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    • I understand that the common theme is to get a top-tier first baseman, given their production, but you don't need to "win" every position. You just need to sccore enough points to win at the end of the day.

      Your team is really good, with no glaring weak spots. You can upgrade SP'ing during the season by picking up a starter who is putting together a good season.

      You can trade for one, if you are not willing to wait, but take a look at your league's history and see what SP'ers were on the free agent wire as of mid-April of 2011.

      Guys like Ian Kennedy, or Corey Leubke or Brandon Beachy or Derek Holland.

      • 1 Reply to TK from LA
      • thanks all that replied to my post. My strategy picking 8th in a 12 team league was to draft one stud pitcher, then focus on hitting with 1b, the deepest position, being a non-priority. I wanted kimbrel, so i drafted him higher than i should, only closer i feel is a sure thing, I also wanted speed, so i passed on pure power at times, and i wanted high end pitching potential. I've never in my life had a draft where i had a perfect team afterwards lol. I think for a 12 team league, i had an awesome draft. I dont think i need a first baseman because if Ike doesnt work out, there are a ton i can add in free agency. Just like sp, there's a ton left out there. I can pick up whoever comes out of nowhere. Thanks again for all the advice, I'm gonna sit tight and not chase a first baseman or a sp upgrade until the season starts.

    • I would say u could stand to upgrade at 1B and maybe try to get another solid SP as well.

    • looks pretty good to me except 1B. Also, get rid of Bourn immediately! See if you can package him with someone for a 1B upgrade. I don't see a huge need for SP like others have. I'm confident you can have a spectacular 1-2-3 with Kershaw, Luebke, and Moore, and Teheran and Jackson should be plenty adequate as a 4 and 5 in a 12 team.

    • SP is a little weak. Other than that pretty solid.

    • Your team looks solid, but your firstbasemen seem a little week and you could use some starting pitching depth. I would keep an eye out early in the season for guys like Luke Scott, Yonder Alonso, or Justin Smoak, who may not have been drafted.

    • I would look to add another reliable starter behind Kershaw, you have some great youngsters in Moore (about as sure a thing there is as a young gamble) Feliz and Teheran but I usually will take one flyer so I'd look to move to pick up somebody who wont be on an innings limit or is a general unknown. Also I'd look to try and sure up your 1B, Davis is a nice player but who knows what you're gonna get out of him over a full season (if he makes a full season) and I like Sanchez but with other teams getting so much out of the 1B (and you didn't make up for missing out on a 1B in a more hitting weak position like drafting Cano at 2B or Tulo at SS thousgh Longoria does help as 3B falls off after the top few). I'd look to try and add a guy like Berkman, or Michael Young and possibly upgrade at C, see if Mesoroco is available to stash.

    • I would trade Braun and a SP in return a top tier 1st baseman and an Above Avg OF to replace Braun. Normally, I would say keep him but if he will be on the shelf for 50 games you might as well say goodbye to him unless it is a keeper league.

    • And a 1B

    • You need better SP that's all

    • I'd say you were a little light in HRs and RBIs

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