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  • Nicholas Nicholas Feb 16, 2012 9:42 PM Flag

    CUSTOM LEAGUE.....4 Spots left.....

    Id: 55317
    P.: baseball

    Hello and welcome to the 2 MLB team league. After all 14 teams are accounted for, we will be holding a 2 round draft in a group page (soon to be created) on facebook. please add me as a friend Nicholas McGlincy. You will draft 2 MLB teams and receive all the current players on those 2 rosters to create your team. (after u have your 2 teams you must change your team name example "Philadelphia Mets" or "New York Phillies")

    Once you join the league Please change your team name to the draft spot that you wish to have (example Team 1- 1st round- 1st draft pick and 2nd round last draft pick) First come first serve for the spots so get um while there hott..

    please add me as a friend on facebook (Nicholas McGlincy) or email me your facebook name and I will add you. You must have a facebook as there is a private group that all 14 members will be members of and this is where are draft will be held. It will be a slow snake draft (only 2 rounds) so shouldnt take more than a few days.
    Once the draft begins....team 1 will post there team they select. than team 2 will have 24 hours to make a selection and so on and so on....round 2 will start with Team 14 and count backwords and Team 1 having the last pick.If a team isnt selected within 24 hours, than the best avilable team will be selected for you. (Team chosen by last years final standings w-l)

    there is a total of 14 teams in this league, each containing 2 MLB teams, Your fantasy team is only allowed to have players from your 2 Current MLB teams. (only trading if players get traded on MLB rosters) You may only add/drop players on your rosters however there is always 2 MLB teams on waivers which u may drop 1 of your 2 teams at any time to pick up 1 of 2 available teams.

    Good luck all & Lets play ball


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