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  • Greenraven Greenraven Feb 14, 2012 1:09 PM Flag

    5 Keepers

    Lawrie and Hosmer for sure I'd say.

    Ian Kennedy is excellent and prob has more upside long term than the other two starters you are keeping or perhaps even Strasberg (don't trust mega-star pitchers who haven't played a season myself and getting an injury first year makes me nervous. The arm is a fragile thing in baseball). I know it is about position players but Kennedy is excellent. If you don't keep him maybe you can re-draft him..

    So, position players? Carlos Santana? He is young, has the power and is a viable choice for sure. I'm sure most experts would def say keep him. I just have this thing against hitters with very very poor batting averages. But even so, I'd be tempted to keep him and if he was driving with crazy with the average, I'd try to trade him. He has value in a keeper league that way as well. But I'd probably be tempted to keep Pence or Phillips too.

    Why would you think to keep A-Rod? His best years are way behind him imho. And you are covered at 3B with Lawrie.

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    • Good Post.

      I love Ian Kennedy, But I feel like I could grab him in the early round. He's ADP is 108 or around there. I can manage to grab him pretty easily. I don't trust Strasberg..I only have him because someone dropped him in April after they realized he was injured so I put him on the DL for 5 months.

      Cliff Lee and Lester are built #1 starters. I can't not keep them.

      Figured #1 and #2 SPs are set and build around.

      Arod is going down hill but I feel like he could still be productive especially in that Yankee Line-up but I can't carry two 3B's. Lawrie is the real deal with raw power and can steal bases. If Santana can raise that .AVG up I'd be a happy guy. I love Hosmer but 1B is always deep.

      Cliff Lee
      Jon Lester
      Josh Hamilton
      Carlos Santana
      Brett Lawrie

      I have 14th/15th pick. I hope to snag another SP ie. Kennedy/Romero/Beachy


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