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    do you go:

    1. batter
    2. pitcher
    3. batter
    5. pitcher


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    • Unless CG is a cat first 5 picks are batters 1b-2b-3b-ss-OF

    • here is some 2B strategy:

      cano a top 8 pick or.... Cuddyer (2B eligible now in CO!) in pick 70s. Qualifies at 1st and OF too. Seems like a bargain...

      Cano: .300/100/28/105/7
      Cuddyer: .280/90/30/100/5

    • I would make sure that I had six rounds of hitters and then begin looking at the best player available.

    • One thing I always do is wait for catchers until the late rounds. I find that to get an impact catcher you have to overpay and they go to early in the draft, and if you pay attention, there's always a catcher on the waiver wires that catches fire, either a veteran who has a comeback year (Martin 2011) or a newbie who breaks out (Avilla 2011) I ended up with one of those two guys on every team last year and I didn't draft a catcher until after round 20.

    • Nobody bothered to tell the kid it's "STRATEGY"?

      Youse shud jern meestrB leeges. He no speek gud 2.

    • I have been burned TOO MANY TIMES. In the first 6 rounds, gotta have 1 high K low ERA pitcher, and one TOP reliever and 4 best available hitters (Preferably 2 of 3 - 2b, ss, 3b, then start filling in with best players available and filling stats you need.

      My burns have been because I lack the K's and cant seem to find them, or find myself searching for Saves for much of the season wasting waiver wire pickups trying to get couple that will keep me competitive there. That 1 player to fall back on at each position allows you to relax on FA wire and take chances on young hitters sooner.

      Basically, that leads to
      1 Hitter
      2 Hitter
      3 Hitter
      4 Pitcher
      5 Hitter
      6 Reliever

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      • I started setting my draft order today...not final yet ...but here's my TOP 25 in a head to head league! Going for my 4th staight championship!

        Matt KempOF
        Miguel Cabrera1B
        Jacoby EllsburyOF
        José Bautista3B,OF
        Albert Pujols1B
        Troy TulowitzkiSS
        Curtis GrandersonOF
        Ryan BraunOF
        Robinson Canó2B
        Mark Teixeira1B
        Joey Votto1B
        Adrián González1B
        Clayton KershawSP
        Justin VerlanderSP
        Roy HalladaySP
        Cliff LeeSP
        Prince Fielder1B
        Dustin Pedroia2B
        Justin UptonOF
        Carlos GonzálezOF
        Starlin CastroSS
        Adrián Béltre3B
        Evan Longoria3B
        Ian Kinsler2B
        Mike StantonOF

    • I'm going for my 4th straight head to head championship and 6 top 2 finish in 6 years!
      I go for corner power 1B & 3rd...then the top SS, OF, OF OF, 2B, then repeat that draft order again followed by SP,SP,SP,SP,SP, 2B, C.

      I repeat that strategy again then I draft the top 5 relief pitchers. Then I take the best at each position starting with the infield corners and repeat the strategy over.

      Drafting SP in bunches gives you a great chance of landing at least 3 of the 6 starters - (last year I had Kershaw, Sabathia, Halladay, Hamels, Grienke) and you'll probably have nobody in your rotation with less than 15 wins and everyone is right at or above 200 K's. I traded Hallady for Matt Braun!

      Same strategy with RP...draft in bunches...that way you get 2 or 3 of the top 5 closers...that also gives you good trade options if you've got 2 or 3 top starters and 2 or 3 top relievers. You can always trade one for that one offensive player that might get you over the top!

      You're guaranteed to have a good team!

    • Depends entirely on the league scoring system. I tend to pick the best available player the first few rounds before moving to filling needs.

    • Usually:

      4.Batter (3INF 1OF in first 4 rounds pref)
      5+ Best available player

    • i do go hitting first. i don't tend to draft my first pitcher till around round 9. its so deep now a days that you can do that. i agree with middle infield first, hopefully a cano/reyes combo or something like that. i don't touch a closer till round 14 or so, then i usually draft 3 straight. finish it up with more sp's.

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