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  • Greg B Greg B Feb 10, 2012 11:04 PM Flag

    First Ever Draft... Rank It.

    Before you read on... i went pitcher heavy. idk if thats a bad stratagy or not but my new to fantasy baseball. i know i need to trade a pitcher or two... give me some suggestions.

    1. (12) Clayton Kershaw(LAD - SP)
    2. (13) Roy Halladay(Phi - SP)
    3. (36) Jered Weaver(LAA - SP)
    4. (37) Mike Napoli(Tex - C,1B)
    5. (60) David Price(TB - SP)
    6. (61) Matt Cain(SF - SP)
    7. (84) Rickie Weeks(Mil - 2B)
    8. (85) Josh Johnson(Mia - SP)
    9. (108) Billy Butler(KC - 1B)
    10. (109) Cory Luebke(SD - SP,RP)
    11. (132) Nick Markakis(Bal - OF)
    12. (133) Logan Morrison(Mia - OF)
    13. (156) Emilio Bonifacio(Mia - 3B,SS,OF)
    14. (157) Torii Hunter(LAA - OF)
    15. (180) Dee Gordon(LAD - SS)
    16. (181) Freddie Freeman(Atl - 1B)
    17. (204) Jason Kipnis(Cle - 2B)
    18. (205) Alejandro De Aza(CWS - OF)
    19. (228) Gaby Sanchez(Mia - 1B)
    20. (229) Angel Pagan(SF - OF)
    21. (252) Brennan Boesch(Det - OF)
    22. (253) Sergio Romo(SF - RP)

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    • This is not a good draft for you. Here's why. Your pitching staff is amazing. Too Amazing & there is such a thing. You will blow everyone out of the water with that staff.... You don't need to do that. You need to win categories barely is the key. As a result you will suffer greatly offensively.

    • Awesome draft. Contrary to what some of these other people are saying, I think you did incredibly well in your draft. Granted it is a bit pitching heavy, but you got excellent value with your picks. Nothing you can't fix with a few trades. I would offer David Price for Brett Lawrie or Alex Rodriguez and a solid closer. That takes care of 3b and you can use Bonifacio at SS, or in the OF is Dee Gordon starts getting on base more. You can take the injury risk with Arod cuz u have Boni to back him up. Then try to trade Markakis and Freddie Freeman for an OF with a bit more pop and you should be set. Hope this helps. Best of luck.

    • If you are looking for suggestions - dont be so stupid next year

    • If you don't get two mashers in rounds 1 and 2, you will be at a disadvantage.

      If you go Fielder, McCutchen or Longoria, Fielder with your first two picks, you can still get quality SP'ing in the later rounds. Guys like Daniel Hudson, Mat Latos, John Lester, Brandon Beachy, etc. can be selected.

    • you want balance this is total SP heavy pics 4-5-6 should have at least all been Hitters

    • Okay nothing wrong in being new and quite smart of you to want to learn. I hope the below doesn't seem harsh. I kind of mean it in a matter of fact tone of voice as in you asked for advice. :-)

      I went heavy with starting pitching my first fantasy year. Over half of them had bust seasons and/or got injured on my teams. And cause they were elite pitchers they were on Yahoo's darn CAN'T CUT LIST. I was stuck with them forever it seemed. Couldn't trade them to anyone, couldn't cut them. It was horrible. A pitcher's arm is a fragile thing.

      Never again. It's about 50/50 now if I even draft one top tier pitcher. I'd rather take hitters first, they play for me all week long.

      Also despite your pitcher heavy strategy I noticed you didn't pick up a stud at closer. Or even any closer. In standard Yahoo leagues, winning the Saves each week is equal to winning the ... well ... Wins. A good closer usually helps a lot with the WHiP and ERA stats too. Even K's. Standard Yahoo has two RP (relief pitcher) slots. You can't put a starter only in those. Tho there are always people who draft tons of RP, majority of people will draft at least 2 cause of that.

      Look at what stats you are competing with and see how you can cover the most stats to win each week (if H-to-H - you didn't mention the format).

      There are 10 stats in Yahoo Public Leagues (assuming that cause you didn't say otherwise). 5 are for hitters. If you play with this line-up you are pretty much conceding a tie each week IF you win all 5 pitching stats. And without a closer, you lost that stat.

      And in roto it is even more important not to be weak in that many stats.

      If this is a real team and not a practice draft, I'd recommend you look to trade at least 2 if not up to 4 of those first 6 starters for elite hitters and a closer. Don't trade one to one for a closer with your elites but get a real good hitter + decent closer for one maybe.

      Young pitchers come up all the time in FA pool. I've rarely had any problem cobbling together a decent staff from middle round pitchers and minor leaguer being called up.

      Also, the Free Agent pool is your friend. Watch it and see which guys are having good years, get them and if they fade, dump them. And don't be afraid to cut players ever, their feelings won't get hurt, heh. Just give the better players more time to turn it around is all.

      Best of luck to you. We all learn by doing.

    • offensive stats can be weak for you. Also your starting pitching heavy but I would get rid of a few unproductive pitchers by the end of the first month for offense.

      I like a .280 average or higher and sp era no higher than 4.00 and use the higher era pitcher only if necessary.

    • anyone?


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