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  • Wraith Wraith Feb 9, 2012 10:03 AM Flag

    How many play 10x10?

    I like to play 8x8

    R H 3b hr Rbi avg PO Assits

    W K ERA Whip QS GIDP Saves Holds

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    • Some interesting categories there, Wraith. I like 'em but just curious as to how you guys chose those categories. In our league we went back and forth on our categories and tweaked them each of the first few years before settling on these. I guess we just felt our categories made the game realistic and some what weighted power and speed evenly and kept an importance on the bullpen which has obviously become really important in today's game.

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      • I picked the cats I wanted a league where almost every player has something to offer these are deep leagues as well 15 teams 30 players

        in this league catchers get a little bonus because of PO along with 1b and 2b-ss guys that dont hit for power or get alot of steals still might be great on the defensive side of the ball so the Assits helps them out Holds for the middle RP guys and GIDP for guys like Harrison from Texas in this way you cant just load up on 5 200k SP and QS benifits all starters but doesnt hurt the starters as much when the RPs give up the win for them after they pitched 6 good inns