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  • Choda Choda Feb 4, 2012 11:36 PM Flag

    which Keeper?

    10 team league, standard 5 and 5 categories. Each team can keep 0-5 players. (every team is keeping 5, with one exception)

    Your Keepers are kept at the cost of the same round that they were drafted in the previous year.

    These are my players and in ( )'s is the round they were drafted in:
    Carlos Gonzalez (2)
    Justin Upton (3)
    Ian Kinsler (6)
    Carlos Santana (8)
    Curtis Granderson (11)
    Starlin Castro (14)
    Ian Kennedy (22)

    ..... I am keeping Curtis Granderson, Starlin Castro, and Ian Kennedy, and basically need to figure out which other 2 to take. At first I figured that I could just draft Justin Upton again but after looking at the other keepers now I'm not so sure (based on who will be available to draft in the early rounds ... picking will be slim.)

    To put things in to perspective the following players are all off the board:

    1: Miggy, Tulo, Cano
    2. Votto, A. Go, Halladay, Cliff Lee, Pedroria
    3. CC, Prince, Kemp
    4. Kershaw, Bautista
    5. Verlander, McCutchen
    6. Utley Ellsbury, Pence
    7. Haren, Jered Weaver, Greinke
    8. Jay Bruce
    9. Aramis, Elvis Andrus
    11. Zobrist, Bourn
    12. Drew Stubbs
    15. Adam Jones, Miguel Montero, Adam Wainright
    16. Daniel Hudson, Howie Kendrick
    17. Jose Valverde
    18. Gaby Sanchez
    19. Craig Kimbrel
    20. Gio Gonzalez, Ricky Romero
    21. Stephen Strasburg, Trevor Cahill, Josh Beckett, CJ Wilson


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    • upton, santana, granderson, castro, kennedy,

      u can draft a decent 2b in the middle rounds..

      u could also draft a top SP in the first

      u could trade cargo/kinsler for a top bat/draft pick

    • Upton in the 3rd has to stay on your roster, for sure. He has at least 2nd round value. Kinsler and Santana are good value for their respective round. I guess i'd go Kinsler for my 5th guy because of position scarcity ( Pedroia, Cano and Utley already being off the board ). Since you would still have your 1st and 2nd round picks, you should be able to draft a stud in the 1st and possibly re-draft Cargo in the 2nd.

    • your cutting off your nose to spite your face not keeping
      Cargo-Upton-Kinsler-Santana-Granderson you wont get a better 5 in this league

    • Truthfully Gonzalez and Kinsler...drop the rest. Or can you trade them? If so do some dealing. Someone will be dumb enough to take Granderson for more than he's worth (career year, never come close again). Definitly tade Upton too, if you can trade. You might keep Santana, just because catching is thin, and possibly Kennedy for a start of your staff.

    • Upton, Santana, Granderson, Castro, Kennedy

    • kennedy and castro are complete no brainers for the draft spot you have them locked into. granderson was excellent last year and i completely see your reasoning for keeping him at 11. santana could be the best catcher in baseball and give you the best stats, esp with getting to play 1B some of the time to stay fresh (i'd seriously contemplate keeping him). then you start looking at kinsler, upton and cargo. kinsler is excellent at his position, and upton/cargo are almost the same type player. that's a tough call.

      here's something i'd be looking at - based on what you have listed as keepers for everyone else (and if you throw cargo back in), there are only 12 picks being made in the first 2 rounds and you'd have 2 of them, which could be huge for you. if you kept kinsler, you'd most likely for sure be able to get either upton or cargo with one of those picks, if you kept upton, you could reach and get kinsler with one of those for team balance. in that situation, you'd have to look at where those other 10 picks belong, who has them and what type of player might they draft based on their keepers. i'd probably look at all that before i made my final decision.

    • I think that I have decided to keep Upton, Kinsler, Granderson, Castro, and Kennedy. I may just try and draft Car-go again in the 2nd and see if I can get Santana somewhere in the middle.

      Thanks for the conversation guys, I think it helped me self-realize to stick to my guns and go with my original plan.

    • don't take kennedy, and i might not even take grandy

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      • I don't understand that logic there. Kennedy in the last round of the draft is a STEAL. Granderson in the 12th is a steal. Both of those guys are going WAY higher.

        My thoughts are like this, Let's say that I take Cargo instead of Granderson. I now lose my 2nd round pick. So where is the higher TOTAL value. Cargo + someone that will be available in the 12th round or Granderson + someone who will be available in the 2nd round. They are costing me the same picks (2 and 12) but will yield different totals. That's what I don't think people are understanding on how the round keeper works.

    • santana and upton

    • Upton no ?. Love a 20 game winner coming into his prime in the weak NL west...Kennedy in the 22nd is a steal.

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