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  • Wraith Wraith Feb 1, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    Prince Fielder or C.J. Wilson a better move for Detroit?

    Myself if they were going to spend that much they should have went after Pujols
    Right/Right batters can be fixed move Miggy to the 3 spot put in Brennan Bosch at Clean up and bat prince in the N0. 5 slot this will increase Bosch`s Production by a mile

    C.J Wilson is a great SP and in a pinch he could even close for you one of my favorite SPs on the market I think they should go after him as well I think the add of both would put Detroit in the WS

    that being said to Me Wilson would be the better of the 2 IMO

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    • Wilson is pretty bad in the post-season, 1 W and some bad ratios with the Texas offense behind him in 9 starts. Makes me think that he wouldn't be a ton of help getting the Tigers to the WS.

      Fielder bats lefty so the whole Boesch thing is unnecessary.

    • The problem with signing Pujols is the price tag and his age. He is 31 (or so they say) and that 10 year deal will hurt them big time come year 5-10. Years 5-9 for fielder will be 32-36 while Pujols 5-10 will be 36-41. Although Pujols has more defensive flexibility and is a gold glover. I think right now Pujols makes them better than Fielder for sure but, not for long.


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