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  • Porky Porky Sep 30, 2011 4:38 PM Flag

    Overrated Team

    I agree with Wieters, BJ (I agree with Justin also before the season started but can't say that for next year), Baldo and Hanson (wouldn't say overrated on an annual basis, but he did get hurt this year so I'll give Hanson to you.)

    I wouldn't have called, or would call presently, anyone else on that list overrated. Adding Prince, Evan, Uggla and Braun to this list I find almost laughable. Sure you didn't want Matt Kemp in there also?

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    • Uggla is still WAY overrated. O-Rank of 34 and finished at 109. This year was only slightly under his career average. This year: .233 BA, 88R, 36 HR, 82 RBI 1 SB. Career average: .258 BA, 98 R, 32 HR, 91 RBI, 3 SB. That puts him around a real rank around 100 for his career stats. Why an O-Rank of 34 for someone worth 100? Maybe take him at 80 or 90 because he's at a someone scarce position, but 2B has been getting better the last couple years. There is no way he is worth 34.

      2B hint from a Cardinal fan: Take a look at Allen Craig (2B and OF eligible). His numbers are pretty awesome for his O-Rank. You can usually snag him off FA. The only problem with him is staying healthy and Tony LaRussa putting him in the lineup everyday (only 200 AB this year). Watch what the Cards do in the off season. If they have a bad off season and don't get many players signed (God forbid), you might want to add Craig as a late round snag.

    • Kemp will probably be on my list for next year and Braun will be off. Think Kemp will leapfrog Braun on the O Rating list?

      I have a hard time picking the top rated OF with an early draft choice because that position is so deep. When Braun is ranked at 6, even though he finished 4, that means you skipped over the likes of Cano who finished at 14, Bautista at 12, A Gon at 10, and Miggy at 9 who all play at scarcer positions. Braun was better than all of those guys, but you could have picked up Ellsbury, Granderson, and even Alex Gordon and Melky Cabrera in much later rounds or even in FA. No, nobody expected Gordon to finish at 23 and Cabrera at 24. But it's a lot easier to pick up the likes of those OFs off of FA than it is the scarce positions.

      Look at it this way. If you pick up Braun in the first round with the #6 pick, you aren't going to get Bautista. I could take Bautista with my first pick, even though I may be overpaying for him. But he's a heck of a lot better than the second best or especially third best 3B. There are still plenty of OFs that are great after Braun.

      I guess what I'm getting at is Braun isn't overrated. Picking him in the first round is.


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