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    Overrated Team

    I posted my overrated team (below) before the season started. I think I was right on most players, but yes, I was completely wrong on one (Fielder). I still stick by my Justin Upton comments because this was a breakout year for him, he performed way above expectations. Rios burned me this year. What's your thoughts?

    C-Wieters-got to put up some numbers before he deserves that hype and O-Rank (honorable mention to Mauer even though I love him)
    1B-Fielder-0 SB and .261 BA last year
    2B-Uggla-Yeah, 30 HRs per year, but lifetime BA of .263 and only handful of SBs per year
    3B-Longoria-Fewer HRs per year than Uggla 27, but better BA .283 and a few more SBs, but not deserving of a 1st round pick
    SS-Rollins-Great when he was an MVP but last year 8 HRs and .243
    OF-Braun-Awesome player but OF is too deep to have to have him at an O-Rank of 6
    OF-Upton bros-Mostly Justin here because BJ has dropped in most leagues, but neither has lived up to the hype
    OF-McCutchen-Averages 14 HRs, 27 SBs, .286 BA - Rios is better
    SP-Jimenez-1st half of last season is not a career of work
    SP-Hanson-10-11 record last year, K/9 rate isn't worthy that high of a pick
    SP-Haren-Dead duck in last half of season, draft him if you get him late, use him for 2 months, and unload him on someone that doesn't know better
    RP-Rivera-Was going to pick the highest O-Ranked RP because 1 category isn't worthy that high of a pick but Marmol's K/9 convinced me to pick the 2nd on the list

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    • The Phillies Lol

    • #1 you were basically wrong on all of these overrated picks as counting unpredicable injuries is unfair
      #2 you lost in all 6 of your baseball leagues this year
      #3 your best finish was 3rd in a 10 team league where you were the commish
      #4 you are bragging like you still believe you did good despite these facts
      #5 that is pathetic

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      • #1 Who are you talking about unpredictable injuries? To my memory, the only one that had an injury on the list was Longo, and his injury wasn't unpredictable. They were talking about his possible loss of games before the season started.
        #2 Yes, I lost all my leagues. Won the regular season in one, got beat in semifinals in another on a tie breaker, but you are right. I didn't win any league I played in this year.
        #3 Won 3rd in 2 leagues (not 1), one I was commish, the other I wasn't.
        #4 Not bragging. Just want to have a conversation.
        #5 How about somebody else putting up their overrated team? In your opinion, who is normally drafted higher than what they should be?

    • Not sure why there is a universal hate for the Uptons on this board. BJ has been a monster during the playoff run, and has out-played his ADP by about 30 ranks on the season, sure the BA sucks but all the other numbers are there (Noteworthy for next season, he changed his batting stance about a month ago and his BA and consistency have sky-rocketed..finally got rid of the little toe-tap that seemed to throw off his timing).

      Justin was a beast when he got his call-up, had a sophomore slump and everyone chalked him up to be a flash in the pan...out-performed his ADP by 20 ranks.

    • Fielder, Longoria, Braun, J Upton should not even be i this conversation

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      • Already admitted I was wrong on Fielder and J Upton. They exceeded my expectations. Remember this list was originally posted in March.

        I addressed Braun above.

        Longoria had an O-Rank of 4 and finished with a real Rank of 81. That's the definition of overrated. Yes, I'd still like having him, but you have to draft him too high to get what he was worth this year. Yes, I know he was injured, but there were questions of his health before the season started and he was still going at #4. I was right on Longoria.

    • I agree with Wieters, BJ (I agree with Justin also before the season started but can't say that for next year), Baldo and Hanson (wouldn't say overrated on an annual basis, but he did get hurt this year so I'll give Hanson to you.)

      I wouldn't have called, or would call presently, anyone else on that list overrated. Adding Prince, Evan, Uggla and Braun to this list I find almost laughable. Sure you didn't want Matt Kemp in there also?

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      • Uggla is still WAY overrated. O-Rank of 34 and finished at 109. This year was only slightly under his career average. This year: .233 BA, 88R, 36 HR, 82 RBI 1 SB. Career average: .258 BA, 98 R, 32 HR, 91 RBI, 3 SB. That puts him around a real rank around 100 for his career stats. Why an O-Rank of 34 for someone worth 100? Maybe take him at 80 or 90 because he's at a someone scarce position, but 2B has been getting better the last couple years. There is no way he is worth 34.

        2B hint from a Cardinal fan: Take a look at Allen Craig (2B and OF eligible). His numbers are pretty awesome for his O-Rank. You can usually snag him off FA. The only problem with him is staying healthy and Tony LaRussa putting him in the lineup everyday (only 200 AB this year). Watch what the Cards do in the off season. If they have a bad off season and don't get many players signed (God forbid), you might want to add Craig as a late round snag.

      • Kemp will probably be on my list for next year and Braun will be off. Think Kemp will leapfrog Braun on the O Rating list?

        I have a hard time picking the top rated OF with an early draft choice because that position is so deep. When Braun is ranked at 6, even though he finished 4, that means you skipped over the likes of Cano who finished at 14, Bautista at 12, A Gon at 10, and Miggy at 9 who all play at scarcer positions. Braun was better than all of those guys, but you could have picked up Ellsbury, Granderson, and even Alex Gordon and Melky Cabrera in much later rounds or even in FA. No, nobody expected Gordon to finish at 23 and Cabrera at 24. But it's a lot easier to pick up the likes of those OFs off of FA than it is the scarce positions.

        Look at it this way. If you pick up Braun in the first round with the #6 pick, you aren't going to get Bautista. I could take Bautista with my first pick, even though I may be overpaying for him. But he's a heck of a lot better than the second best or especially third best 3B. There are still plenty of OFs that are great after Braun.

        I guess what I'm getting at is Braun isn't overrated. Picking him in the first round is.

    • Prince is overrated because he has 0 SB's?!?! Are you freakin' kidding me? I'll take the 38 HR, .299 AVG and 120 RBI every day. In fact, Prince helped me win a title and $130. You're an idiot

      And you're clearly a Cardinals fan who cannot admit the Brewers have excellent talent on their roster. If you're going to rank players, put your personal agenda on hold

      I'm still on shock over your 0 SB knock on Prince. You're so off on these rankings you shouldn't be allowed to post anymore.

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      • 1. Yes, I'm a Cardinals fan. That had no bearing on this list.

        2. I already admitted I was wrong about Prince. However, remember this was a topic back in March. Prince wasn't as good last year as he was this year. I didn't think he'd rebound but he did. I was wrong on Prince.

        3. If Pujols doesn't stick around St. Louis, I'd gladly have Prince sign with us even if he doesn't steal any bases.

    • Rollins nearly had a 20/30 season. How is that overrated for a SS? Or anyone?

      The only bad thing about McCutchen was his BA swoon after the all-star break.

      I agree with most of the others...especially your pitching and OF selections.

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      • I looked up the numbers: O-Rank 37, Real Rank 67, 87 runs, 16 HR, 63 RBI, 30 SB, .268 avg. And that was an improvement from his previous Real Rank of 499, 48 runs, 8 HR, 41, RBI, 17 SB, .243 avg. He wasn't expected to recover as much this year as he did and he was still real ranked at 67. Why are people drafting him with the 37th pick? Overrated.

      • Yeah, Rollins was better this year than the last couple. I still think he was picked higher than he should have been in most leagues though. I had Rollins on my team the year he won MVP and won the league I had him in, but he hasn't lived up to anywhere near that standard since and people are still drafting him as though he's going to replicate those numbers. At his age and history of injuries lately, I think that is impossible.

    • 1)Braun is and has been the best player in the game, not overrated by any category, .330 avg, 30 hr/30 stolen bases.

      2)"Rios is better than McCutchen" is probably the dumbest thing i've heard in a while. Rios .227/13/44 with 11 stolen bases.

      3)Justin Upton was o-ranked 31, his season rank was 19, so at least on this site he did better than predicted

    • Fredbird? Is that you? Haven't seen you since April - have you been in the jungles of Africa or something?

    • The real question is......
      How much money did you clear with your team this season?

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