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  • Jonathan M Jonathan M Sep 26, 2011 6:15 PM Flag

    ***WHAT SHOULD I DO***

    I'm currently 1st place in a 12 team yahoo public rotisserie league. I only have another 2.1 innings to go before I max out. I'm not familiar with rotisserie leagues as this is the first one I've ever done. Should I drop all my pitchers after I use up my innings or what?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    • Amazing that you were able to lead your league and be unfamiliar with the rules. You have a few options here. Check out your detailed standings and see where you stand in all pitching categories. If your ratios are withing .05 ERA or .02 WHIP you need to be careful about what I'm about to tell you. If you have ratio separation beyond what I mentioned see if you can gain points with wins, saves or K's. Obviously if saves is the answer immediately bench your starting pitchers and put as many closers out there as you can. If the answer is wins and/or K's you have a somewhat shady option. For tonight bench ALL of your pitchers. Once you go over the max IP you are DONE. Then you can find 5 SP and 2 SP/RP that are starting on tuesday and get all of them on your roster and start them all. With 7 pitchers going you have a good chance to get wins and K's. You also have a good chance to seriously hurt your ERA and WHIP - which is why you need to be careful with it. This is not a terribly classy thing to do so I would avoid it unless you are desperate. Just know that on the final day where your IP runs out you can get as many IP as possible and they all count. Once the games are finished for the day - if you are over the max IP - you are done. At that point drop any of your pitchers at your whim. Hows that?


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