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  • DAHVINMAN DAHVINMAN Sep 22, 2011 7:57 PM Flag

    Notice Everyone

    Hey Zeppelin I have seen Dick rip u a new asshole so when you say pathetic look in the mirror for a living example

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    • Plaese I have argued with him and just got mad at the fact that he doesn't listen To what you say to him he just thinks your wring when you don't agree with him
      He could say agonz is te best on the sox
      I could say ells
      His response is usually you fucking dumbass
      It's just his opinion, when he actually thinks he is right and you actually argue with him, it's like talking to a wall. I have said the same thing to him in four straight posts to him and he response with four vulgar, outrageous and completely wrong responses.

      So again you are someone who is obsessed with someone you don't even know
      It's pathetic
      Like a girl obsessed with beiber
      Your obsessed with dick strong
      Get over yourself


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