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  • Dean Dean Sep 18, 2011 11:06 PM Flag

    Dick Strong...

    Is probably throwing a massive hissy-fit right now in his mom's basement.

    He just lost in the semis in his only league (a public one at that):

    You can see here he's NEVER won a league:

    Remember this the next time he calls one of you a dumbass and tries to make you believe he is better at fantasy baseball than everyone else.

    As for me:

    Today, I just BARELY lost in the semis of my winners league. It was so close... My opponent started Morrow and Verlander today and beat me by 1 W and 0.02 ERA, 6-4 overall.

    I did advance to the championships in my other H2H league, and I'm 1st place in one of my roto leagues by 13 points and 4th in my other roto leagues with a great chance at 2nd place.

    I'm not saying this to brag to everyone... Just Dick Strong. I am better at this than him, as are most of the regulars on this board.

    Yep. You're a dumbass, Skippy.

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    • Prick Wrong,

      So I finished 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in my winners league. I lost the semis because of Morrow's shutout against the Yankees on Sunday of that week (lost by 1 W and 0.02 ERA). I would also have beaten both teams in the championships with my numbers this week.

      But congrats to you on your 3rd place win in your one public league! You were able to (barely) beat a team who has been inactive since July, yet still somehow managed to be 3rd in your league. Nice pitching line this week too. Even with streaming, you managed just 2 wins, 70+ Ks, a 5+ ERA and a 1.40+ WHIP. Good job.

      Now, I know you're gonna say 'I'm obsessed with you and I care about your fantasy teams more than you do'. Even if you don't realize that's not true, I know it isn't, and anyone with a brain does too. Nobody is obsessed with you, as I've said, you're just mean to everyone and your perception of reality is totally warped.

      You're the one who has been sending me hateful emails, which I have reported and ignored and will continue to do so. And you're the one with no life who's always online checking these boards 24/7 to talk shit and constantly defend yourself from people that call you out on your bullshit.

      You know, for a supposed mensa member, you are very dumb. You were wrong about being better than everybody at fantasy baseball and wrong about being smarter than everybody. You may speak intelligently and use good grammar and punctuation, AT ALL TIMES, but you have alot to learn about people, yourself and life in general.

      I know you will just try to spin this around and attack me, but it's not about me. This thread is called Dick Strong and you've made more posts than anyone. I've won this very pointless battle, Dick. Just remember, this is a fucking message board about fantasy baseball. The only reason I and others bash you is because you are mean to everyone. You like being mean to them and so they are mean back.

      So unless you like getting bashed like this and having to defend yourself, which I kind of think you do, just lighten up a bit. Hate will fuck you up man and I don't want you to be fucked up. Our correspondance has actually given me a strange respect for you. Despite everything I've said, I want you to be OK and I also don't like the negative feelings that talking this much shit over the internet gives me.

      Anyway, you're still on ignore and any future emails will also be ignored and reported. This was the first message board I've ever been active on, and I consider it a partial fail on my part because I let myself get sucked in to this personal, negative shit-talking and it's immature and dumb. I've said what I've said and there's no taking it back now, but next year, I will not be involved in shit like this. Just baseball and fantasy baseball talk.

      Good luck everybody, even you, Dick.


    • D.S stinks at bbl why do you think he's on here 24/7 creating ridiculously irrelevent threads?

    • Let's keep this up front where it belongs. LMAO

    • There is no need for this imo. While I disagree with Dick from time to time, at least he believes what he says and isn't afraid to speak his mind. And who cares if he lost in a H2H fantasy baseball league...it is only a game. For fun. I think a lot of people miss the point that this is supposed to be fun.

      Finally, posts like these only cause drama and hard feelings. This is no upside to posting a message like this. This accomplished absolutely nothing in my opinion.

    • bumpo this stays on front page.

    • portokie you do realize that you play 4 teams a year for 4 straight years and u have won twice your are a weaak manger and I am first year manger in the championship and fist place in my first year of fantasy football

      • 2 Replies to TIMMY TURTLE
      • Timmy, first off, fuck you too, and the rest of my points in no particular order: This thread was for Dick Strong who is a dick and likes to think he's better than everyone else at fantasy baseball (a HUGE deal in life), so I posted his fantasy profile and showed everyone that according to his record, he isn't.

        Also, Nobody cares about you or your leagues. As far as me being a weak manager, I don't claim to be one of the greatest, but I'm pretty good. This year I will finish 3rd or 4th in my winner's H2H league (missed the championships by 1W and 0.02 ERA thanks to Brandon Morrow's shutout on Sunday that week). I'm in the championships in my other H2H league, winning 8-2, I'm 1st in a roto league by 12.5 points, and 2nd in my last roto league (look how I had to fight and claw from last place after a horrible SP draft).

        Last year I finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. In 2009 I did terrible because I couldn't be active for reasons out of my control from late June to early September. In my first year on Yahoo, 2008, I also finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I think that record speaks for itself. And again, I've never claimed to be the greatest, just better than Dick Strong if you go by records.

        Anyway, I'm done bashing Dick and any other dicks like yourself. There's no point. I'll just add you to the very exclusive list of fucking retards on my ignore list. See ya.

      • Timmy Turtle shoots...HE SCORES!!!


    • So...just to be clear 'a'...you are an idiot that can't spell.


      It is not odd at all that you lack reading comprehension skills and latch on to another poster's ignorant contentions about my roster. Funny how he named 5 players (2 of whom are not on my team) and none of which are starters. Yes...continue to regale me in stories of your fantasy baseball acumen because of your knowledge of the advanced metric of ownership percentage.

      Yup...you're a dumbass.

    • good for you. everyone, be the bigger man. no wait, i mean be the MAN and let this pussy bitch talk all the shit he wants. the best thing to do is to stop responding. all were doing is giving him jack off material by letting him think hes smarter and better by apparently POSTING MORE COMMENTS THAN ANYONE ELSE. all he does is repeat the same shit over and over. he never has a valid point and he never listens to what you have to say. just give up on this post. this is my last post on this bullshit fucking topic. please let it die so ppl can pay attention to championship questions. something DICK here doesnt have to worry about....


    • "You are truly a dumbass if you make ownership decisions based of ownership percentage." - Dick Strong, 6:40 PM

      "Anybody who brings up ownership % in a discussion about player performance is a dumbass." - Dick Strong, 11:11 PM

      Like just go die in a hole if u got nothing more to add, I responded directly to what you said about ownership, but I guess it was too long ago for you to remember. Odd, since most players you promote have only accomplished anything in the recent few weeks.

      Im about to win championship in money league, you can't do shit in public 5x5. Peace out, bitch.

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