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  • ScottA ScottA Sep 15, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    Keeping 9: long term, who are my keepers

    I am fighting to stay out of last place, but I have been building for the future. Keep 9, any combo.

    Justin Verlander
    Zack Greinke
    Jared Weaver

    Bryce Harper
    Mike Trout
    Michael Morse
    Now for the decisions (pick 3)

    Eric Hosmer
    Dustin Ackley
    Mike Moustakas
    Yonder Alonso
    Devin Mesoraco
    Pedro Alvarez (Is he the 2010 player or 2011?)
    Kendry Morales (always hurt)
    Matt Moore
    Julio Teheran
    Adam Wainright (coming off injury)
    Drew Pomeranz

    I will probably be trying to trade Weaver along with a couple of young guys for a stud hitter, but as stands, I am trying to decide which young guys to go with. Suggestions or opinions? Thanks.

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    • hosmer ackley and wainwright

    • I am with The Truth and Scott.

      Unless your goal is to win in 2016 (with these exact same players) and your goal is to piss away 2012-2015 at the same time...you don't have 9 keepers. Yes...2nd place sucks...but it is a lot better than last place. At least getting 2nd place shows that you "tried" to win and were nearly successful.

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      • If you saw the TOP teams keepers, you would realize there is no competing for #1. If you saw the 2nd and 3rd place teams rosters, you would realize that top 3 is out of the question. Had you seen my roster at the end of last season and beginning of this season, you would realize there was no way for me to even have a mediocre team. I moved Pence, JMontero and Miller for Weaver this week. Before Verlander became the hottest thing out there, I traded ARod, and another young body to get him.

        As for my present team? Well, I do have 3 top 15 pitchers, and potentially another dominant 1 or 2 with Moore and Teheran. With a couple of closers, I will have the pitching covered for years to come. (closers wont be keepers)

        At bat, I can hope Trout, Hosmer, Morse, Ackley, and eventually Harper will do well enough to get me to the middle of the pack offensively.

        I dont like pitchers as keepers, but for the format of the league, having 3 near the top is a good strategy no one else will be able to use. With good health, I will be top 7 next season even with Harper on the bench til September. Cant really make it any higher even if I keep someone else.

    • As usual I liked Truth's answer.

    • your strategy isn't very good at all. Look at all the youngsters you have on your team right now that gave you very minimal to zero production this year when you can only keep nine for next year. You had a lot of wasted roster spots. That's why you need to try and win NOW instead of building for next year. You'll probably draft all the hot prospects again next year and come September you'll be in the same boat. Another reason to try and win now is there's no guarantee your league will even be around next year.

      BTW I wouldn't even consider Harper to be a keeper. He probably will get a late season call-up at best next year.

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      • 2nd place is a waste. I had a team 2 years ago that was entirely OLD, and injured. 3 years ago, I was near the top. I tried winning last year, and ended up with more injured, and old. There are only 2 teams with any chance of winning the league right now. There was a reason for my strategy. Next year, I may go prospecting again. 2013, I plan on having a highly competitive team, and by 2014, could be dominant. ( I hate large # of keepers, as it makes it harder for quick turnarounds)

        4 keepers, you can play to win every year, but when your best player in a 9 keeper, 16 team league is Hunter Pence, you need to look to the future, or become mediocre at best. With my new pitching staff (and I had none of these to start the year) I very well could compete for top 6 next season with a couple of successful bats.

    • id go hosmer Ackley and a pitcher Probably Moore or Waino

    • hosmer, ackley for sure, and i'd go with moustakas or moore

    • keep the six you already picked plus Hosmer Moore and Wainwright

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      • Wainwright is very scary having come off an injury. It usually takes players at least a full season before becoming studs again.

        Too bad this is a last place team. I will be getting either the 1st or 2nd pick next year, but still a year away from competing, unless I can get that 1 stud batter. Of course, the top 3 teams out of 16, own 20 of top 50 batters, and 5 of top 20 pitchers. Pitching is only chance of competing in next couple years.


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