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  • Calvin D Calvin D Sep 6, 2011 12:43 AM Flag

    i have 12 bye weeks...

    on 2 accounts. and 2 of my leagues are roto. i am a PIMP. this season was good to me. i am fearing my teams slowing down in the playoffs though...in all i have
    1st - 15 teams
    2nd - 5 teams
    3rd - 1 team (roto league top 3 all within 2 pts)
    4th - 2 teams
    this includes 7 espn.com leagues

    not to brag, but i HAD to tell someone who cares about or understands fantasy baseball. if i told my gf, family, or friends, they may simply just scoff at me and tell me i have no life. which i suppose i must not....

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    • geez guys, it was quiet so i thought i would just throw this out there since i thought it was ridiculous that i had that many bye weeks. BYE weeks. not BUY weeks. and apparently, i have no life. it really doesnt take me that much time to go through all those leagues though. i mean, how many fantasy teams do the "experts" do? how many does funston, behrens, evans, or pianowski do? probably a comparable amount. in any case, more than half these leagues are a joke. 2 are barren except me. 6-8 are filled with morons. the others i just got lucky i guess. its not that hard, i fill out lineups 3-4 days in advance, move the pitchers accordingly, play the matchups, and i go back 3-4 days later and do it all over again. i was really sick in the spring, so i decided to do a shit ton of leagues then, and after a bunch of roster shifting the first month, and hours wasted, i got better in the summer and just coasted along.

      go ahead and complain and bitch about me posting this. i dont really care. i just thought it was funny and interesting that i got this lucky. im only doing a few football leagues and there is no basketball (though i will do hockey when it starts), so i do have a life. this was just an experiment. and i guess it worked in my favor (kinda).

    • Dang it must take all day to set your rosters... unless they are weekly. At any rate thats unbelieveable playing 20 leagues in one sport in one season, 20 teams... really? why? who the hell has time for that? its not cocaine its stinkin fantasy baseball... I thought I got carried away in fantasy football having 4 teams. Not tryin 2 be a donkey but just think about it 23 teams in one sport in that lasts for almost 6 months...there is an outdoors where you live right?

    • This is a beat, not a brag.

    • put your little fantasy boner away. Unless they are money leagues it doesnt matter how many buy weeks ya got :P


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